Novation Intros ‘Super Loud’ Audiohub 2×4 Electronic Music Production Hub


Novation has introduced Audiohub 2×4, an audio interface & USB ‘electronic music production hub’.

The Novation Audiohub 2×4 is a combined audio interface and USB hub that lets you connect and power all your USB gear at once, while getting low latency audio and ‘super loud’ output. Continue reading

USB MIDI Breath & Bite Controller Adds Expression To Virtual Instrument Performances

usb-midi-breath-bite-controllerTEC has introduced the TEControl USB MIDI Breath and Bite Controller – a MIDI wind controller that they say ‘enables musicians and composers to achieve outstanding realism in their performance when using computer-based virtual instruments.”

With a bite sensor integrated in the mouthpiece sensing lip bite force in addition to breath pressure, it is possible to control any two parameters of your virtual instrument, for example expression/vibrato or expression/pitch. Continue reading

TEControl Intros Headset For Its USB MIDI Breath Controller


Recently, we featured the TEControl USB MIDI breath controller, which is designed to convert breath pressure into MIDI CC messages.

EControl has introduced a headset that’s designed to be flexible to let you bend it to a comfortable shape, yet still springy enough to stay in place on your head. It includes a Yamaha BC3a type mouthpiece, with adjustable bleed.

The mouthpiece can be rotated away from your mouth when you are not using it. The silicone tube delivered with the USB MIDI Breath Controller connects directly to the headset. Continue reading

New USB MIDI Breath Controller

usb-midi-breath-controllerReader Max Milligan let us know about a new USB MIDI Breath Controller from TEControl

The MIDI Breath Controller has the same function as a combination of the Yamaha BC3A and the ‘MIDI solution’ converter box, but with a USB interface.

The MIDI Breath Controller uses a novel signal processing algorithm to transform the breath pressure signal to MIDI cc messages that let you add realistic expression to your performance. This is useful for live performance with synthesizers and DAWs, giving you control of volume, expression and other parameters of soft synths and sample libraries

It is fully configurable with min/max input and output ranges as well as sensitivity curve.

Here is a user demo, by Torley: Continue reading

Alesis Vortex Keytar Review

Keyboard Magazine’s Mitchell Sigman reviews the new Alesis Vortex USB/MIDI keytar controller.

Sigman focuses on the the Vortex’s unique accelerometer control. The Vortex features a MIDI-assignable accelerometer, so you can control virtually any parameter by moving the Vortex’s neck: volume swells, pitch bends, vibratos, filter cutoffs, etc. Continue reading