UVI PX Apollo Inspired By Rare Moog Apollo Polyphonic Synthesizer

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UVI has announced PX Apollo – a new software synth, based on a rare synthesizer prototype from the early ‘70s, of which only 2 are known to exist. (aka, the Moog Apollo).

UVI notes:

The PX Apollo project represents an enormous effort and commitment to quality on many levels.

Due to the components available at the time of their design, early polyphonic synthesizers were and remain particularly susceptible to failure and require continued maintenance. The unit used for PX Apollo was no exception, initially inoperable, it required a tremendous restoration effort and no expense was spared to ensure complete authenticity and original functionality.

Here’s the official intro video: Continue reading

UVI Intros Energy Synthesizer, Inspired By Rare Digital Keyboards Synergy

UVI has introduced Energy – a new virtual instrument, inspired by the rare Digital Keyboards Synergy keyboard.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

UVI ENERGY delivers the rare and complex sounds of the 32-oscillator Digital Keyboards Synergy.

With commercial production ceasing 30 years ago and a total run of less than a thousand units, this wildly obscure synthesizer delivered futuristic sounds far ahead of its time and helped to shape the iconic timbres of the original TRON. Continue reading

UVI BeatHawk The Latest Mobile Music Production Workstation Contender


UVI has introduced BeatHawk – a new portable music production studio for iPad.

Beathawk is designed for immediate workflow and incorporates a huge library of sounds and instruments. It lets you build create beats, sample, time and pitch stretch, create layered arrangements. Export songs, stems and MIDI in one touch. Supports external MIDI devices, Inter-App Audio, AudioBus, WIST and AudioCopy. Continue reading

UVI Vintage Vault ‘The Ultimate Vintage Synth Collection’


UVI has introduced Vintage Vault, a bundle that they say puts ‘the history of synthesis at your fingertips’.

Vintage Vault bundles UVI’s entire line of vintage series instruments, including 36 virtual instruments, with over 5,000 custom presets. The bundle is priced at a savings of 80%, compared with buying the individual instruments.

Includes: Beat Box Anthology, Darklight IIx, Digital Synsations, Emulation II, Emulation One, Mello, String Machines, The Beast, UltraMini, UVX-3P, UVX-10P, Vector Pro, Vintage Legends and WaveRunner.

Here’s a video intro to Vintage Vault: Continue reading