DIY Vacuum Tube Analog Spring Reverb – The Wave


MOD Kits DIY has introduced The Wave, a stand-alone, tube-driven analog spring reverb unit kit.

The Wave can be used in front of your guitar amp or as a line-level analog reverb effect for the studio. Two controls allow you to serve up a wide range of wetness from just a touch to ‘over the top psychedelia’. The “dwell” control adjusts the input signal level driving the tank and the “reverb” control adjusts the level of output reverberations from the tank. Continue reading

Trogotronic Intros High-Powered, Double-Duty, Tube-Based M679 Gran Fury Analog Tube Synth


Trogotronic has introduced the M679 Gran Fury Analog Tube Synth / Bypass Overdrive FX Caveman Module.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Building upon the legacy of the m676 Fury, the M series 679 Gran Fury has 8 times the patches, 150% more oscillating power, 120% more cv inputs & adds a synth bypass mode to double as a filthy tube distortion unit, all up in your tightly packed rack, it ALL WITHIN the same 14hp as before with zero toll on your already overtaxed power supply.

The sound?

Curiously akin to R. Lee Ermey switching on the kilowatt floods & screaming through an Orange Full-stack set to ’11’ first thing the morning after an all-night gin bender; i.e. relentless punishment applied to all head-holes within audio range.

The Gran Fury’s feature list picks up where the original Fury’s left off: Continue reading

The Metasonix F-1 Distortion Pedal – ” You Can Almost Smell The Smoke Pouring Out.”


Metasonix has introduced the F-1 distortion pedal.

The F-1 pedal uses a unique vacuum-tube pentode circuit to do something special: it simulates the extreme distortion, parasitic oscillations, and other unique sounds that come from a tube guitar amp that is being ‘overdriven to flaming destruction.’

The “Complex Distortion” knob varies the plate loading on the two pentodes to give asymmetrical distortion, and it varies the feedback effects—all on one knob. Metasonix founder Eric Barbour describes it as “Typical of the things that happen when the EL34s in a Marshall or similar amplifier are driven to the point of meltdown, and the power and output transformers threaten to go open-circuit. You can almost smell the smoke pouring out.” Continue reading

Metasonix S-2000 Vacuum-Tube Synthesizer ‘A Revolution’


Usually at NAMM time, Metasonix head Eric Barbour is introducing something like the Fucking Fucker, the Assblaster, the Wretch Machine or the Scrotum Smasher.

His latest creation, though, is simply named the Metasonix S-2000 Vacuum Tube Synthesizer. And Barbour calls it “the most exciting instrument in the history of Metasonix”.

Here’s what he has to say about it:

The S-2000 is not merely a new repackaging of old designs. It is a revolution, and a game changer.

The S-2000 was made to be as easy to use as possible. Just plug in power, plug in an amplifier, wait 30 seconds for the real new-old-stock vacuum tubes to warm up, and start playing it. The built-in 400mm ribbon controller is instantly responsive, and needs no special treatment. No trimpots, no fiddling with MIDI interfaces or fighting with fistfuls of cables. The misery has been engineered out.

The simplicity might fool you. The S-2000 has enough controls and enough flexibility to keep the musician busy for years of sonic exploration.

Here’s an unofficial video of the Metasonix S-2000 in action: Continue reading

Vacuum Pro Polyphonic ‘Tube Synth’ Introduced At 2013 NAMM Show


At the 2013 NAMM Show, AIR Music Technology introduced Vacuum Pro Polyphonic Analog Tube Synthesizer.

Vacuum Pro is described as a ‘polyphonic analog tube synthesizer’. It descends from the original monophonic Vacuum, developed by AIR as part of the Pro Tools Creative Collection from Avid.

The new Vacuum Pro is polyphonic, offering up to 160 oscillators plus substantial improvements in both horsepower and features.  Continue reading

The Knifonium Vacuum Tube Synthesizer


The Knifonium is a unique 25-tube monophonic synthesizer, with a 4th order ladder filter and a ring modulator. It is currently a working prototype.


The Knifonium was created by Jonte Knif, sho says that the instrument is small and light enough to take to gigs, despite of the amount of electronics, traditional craftsmanship and adequately sized controllers. Continue reading

Hohner Multimonica I – Vacuum Tube Synthesizer From The 50’s

YouTube Preview Image

The “Hohner Multimonica” is a combined double-manual keyboard instrument consisting of a monophonic synthesizer (sawtooth oscillator, vacuum tube technology) and a polyphonic harmonium with fan-driven reeds. This electro-acoustic musical instrument comes from the German postwar era. It was produced in two main variants (“Multimonica I” later “Multimonica II”). The “Multimonica I” even had a built-in AM radio for local station reception. But there was also a version available without radio.

Continue reading

The Metasonix R-55 Thyratron VCO Arrives, But Offensive Names And Artwork Are Missing In Action

YouTube Preview Image

CDM’s Peter Kirn got the scoop on the latest tube-powered beast from Metasonix. We were busy writing about the other 80 bajillion 2012 NAMM Show leaks this year.

If you’re not familiar with Metasonix, they specialize in vacuum-tube powered analog synth gear. The Metasonix R-55 Thyratron VCO is the latest in their line of modules for Eurorack modular synthesizers.

Details on the R-55 are to come – but the Metasonix R-55 Thyratron VCO is going to be an exclusive of Big City Music. Shipment is expected by May 2012.

While the R-55 Thyratron VCO looks and sounds unique, we’re wondering where the offensive names and artwork are this year. Usually at NAMM time, Metasonix head Eric Barbour is introducing something like the Fucking Fucker, the Assblaster, the Wretch Machine or the Scrotum Smasher.

Has Barbour run out of ways to offend the world? Or is he letting his sonic mangulators speak for themselves?

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