New Vako Orchestron Discs – Solo Trumpet & Solo Trombone

YouTube Preview Image has released a pair of new sound library discs for the Vako Orchestron, Solo Trumpet and Solo Trombone.

Solo Trumpet is a new sound for the Orchestron. This is an actual acoustic trumpet sound, taken from the original Optigan/Orchestron master tapes, but never actually heard on any Optigan or Orchestron disc, until now.

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New Discs For The Vako Orchestron – Flute, Cello & Vibraphone

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Back in the day, before sample libraries and before digital samplers, there were primitive sample playback keyboards like the Mellotron, the Optigan & the Vako Orchestron. Their lo fi characteristics make them interesting instruments, despite their multiple flaws.

For several years, has been creating new and updated discs for the Optigan and Orchestron. Their latest discs include three libraries for the Vako Orchestron: Flute, Cello & Vibraphone.

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New Vako Orchestron Disc – Solo Female Voice

YouTube Preview Image has introduced a new sound disc for the vintage sample playback keyboard, the Vako Orchestron.

The new disc, Solo Female Voice, features the voice of Tara Busch, singing “ahh” across the range of the keyboard.

The disc is available now, in a limited run of 30 discs, for $99. Details below. Continue reading

Hell Freezes Over – Five New Vako Orchestron Discs Announced!

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Did hell freeze over today without anybody telling me?’s Pea Hicks today announced FIVE (5 count ’em) new Vako Orchestron discs.

  • VIOLIN and PIPE ORGAN are Orchestron originals, newly remastered.
  • STRING ENSEMBLE is a previously unheard scale taken from the original Optigan / Orchestron master tapes.
  • TREMOLO ELECTRIC GUITAR and PIANO are newly recorded scales made specifically for these discs.

Any new discs for the obscure Vako Orchestron would be newsworthy – but five new disks is unheard of.

The Vako Orchestron is an obscure opto-mechanical keyboard sample playback instrument, best known for its use by Kraftwerk.

According to Wikipedia, only 8 sounds were originally made available for the Vako Orchestron.

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New Marimba Vako Orchestron Sound Disc

YouTube Preview Image

This is a quick audio demo of the first new Vako Orchestron title since 1975, Marimba. is now taking pre-orders for this disc, which will retail for $99. The initial run will be limited to 25 copies, and they will require 15 pre-orders before going to press.

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