The Korg Monotron, Monotron Duo & Monotron Delay Compared

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Korg has released this video that features product manager James Sajeva taking a look at the Monotron line:

  • The original Korg Monotron;
  • Monotron Duo; &
  • Monotron Delay.

The minisynths in the Monotron line share the fact that they are portable and self-contained, offering a keyboard, controls, speaker and battery power.

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New Korg MS-20 Filter Clone

Befaco has announced the BF 20V – a new clone of the Korg MS-20 filter for modular synths.

Two weeks ago, at our workshop in Barcelona, we started assembling the first units of our latest module: a very faithful replica of the legendary LP/HP filter of the MS 20.

The most demanding part of the design was reproducing the Korg 35, a dedicated IC found at the heart of the original filter. To be able to clone the filter, we first had to clone the IC! It consists of a mini PCB, so small we had to use SMD components for the first time (the people that attended our workshop had a blast! 😉 )

The clone of the chip is 100% compatible with the original filter, so it can be used as a part for repairing real MS-20?s!

Pricing and availability are to be announced. See the Befaco site for details.

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Voice Of Saturn Voltage Controlled Filter Now Available As Frac Rack Module


Curious Inventor has introduced a Frac Rack version of its Voice Of Saturn Voltage Controlled Filter.

The VoS Voltage Controlled Filter is based around a CEM3372 filter IC (4-pole resonant low-pass filter), the same chips found in the filters of such analog classics as the Sequential Circuits Prophet 600, Prophet T8 and Oberheim Xpander.  It features two inputs that are summed and then fed into the low-pass filter. The input and output volumes, cutoff frequency and resonance can all be controlled by VC (voltage control) or knobs.

One very cool feature of the CEM series filter chips is that as the resonance is turned up, the volume level does not drop as dramatically (as it does in other analaogs, including the famous Moog Ladder Filter).

The Voice Of Saturn Voltage Controlled Filter is available as a kit for $121.99 or fully assembled for $209.99. Continue reading