Ableton Releases Soniccouture Mallets Pack

Ableton_SonicCouture_mallets2Ableton has released a new pack for Live, Mallets by Soniccouture.

Mallets brings two “expertly sampled” melodic percussion instruments, marimba and vibraphone, to Ableton Live. The dark, velvety timbre of the marimba and the vibraphone’s shimmering oscillations were captured using full-range concert models and include the lower octaves often missing from sampled mallets.
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New 2011 Optigan Disc, Vibrascape

YouTube Preview Image has announced a new sound disk for the Optigan sample playback keyboard, Vibrascape.

Here’s what they have to say about Vibrascape:

Vibrascape presents the sound of the vibraphone in a uniquely Optigan fashion. The keyboard tones are arranged as a series of rhythmic patterns that create hypnotic, pulsating soundscapes when chords are played. (This disc is not particularly suited to melodic playing).

The chord buttons feature sustained bowed vibraphone chords. The special effects switches help keep the groove going with a selection of rhythms from the Maestro Rhythm King MRK-2, an old-school beatbox and technological contemporary of the Optigan. Optigans equipped with a spring reverb will provide the most haunting sound, which is further enhanced by inserting the disc upside-down for backwards play.

LEFT HAND: Bowed Vibraphone.
RIGHT HAND: Vibraphone Rhythms.
SPECIAL EFFECTS SWITCHES: 1. Samba, 2. Rhumba, 3. Bossa Nova, 4. Bolero, 5. Go-Go.

The Optigan Vibrascape Disc is available for pre-order for $99.99 at the site.

The Kinect Enhanced Vibraphone, aka ‘3D Vibes’

YouTube Preview Image

This video demonstrates the 3D Vibes – an acoustic vibraphone extended by way of 3D gesture recognition using the Microsoft Kinect.

Tech details:

Kinect-Max/MSP (Kinect Datastream-OSC-MIDI)- controlling filter parameters in Ableton Live to modulate the acoustic audio input from the vibraphone in real-time.

Developed by Gabrielle Odowichuk and Shawn Trail @ MISTIC.

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Man vs Machine Robotic Vibraphone Duo

YouTube Preview Image

Sunday Synth Jams: Tired of the usual virtual instrument expansion packs?

Then check out Marv the robovibes.

Marv plays Horace Silver’s bossa-nova tinged jazz classic, Song for my Father. Tim O’Keefe steps in halfway through to trade solos and play the last head with Marv.

Not your usual synth jam – but it explores the idea of man vs machine jamming and raises the potential of augmenting synths with MIDI-actuated acoustic instruments.

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