Live Audio/Video Mashup – Rolling In The Beats

Rolling In The Beats is a 24 video APC40 + Ableton Live audio video mashup, created by Chris Evans-Roberts. Roberts is the Managing Director of UK music/sound design firm Ithaca Audio, but he apparently finds time to make awesome audio video mashups.

Technical details and sample references below.

But before you dig into the backend details, check out the craftsmanship in this thing and let us know what you think of it!

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Angie Dickinson Performs Steve Reich’s Clapping Music While Beating Up Lee Marvin

YouTube Preview Image

Angie Dickinson performs Steve Reich’s Clapping Music while beating up Lee Marvin – just about the best thing ever, if you’re a music geek

Unfortunately for Dickinson – you can’t beat up Lee Marvin.

Clapping Music is a minimal work from 1972 that explores the idea of shifting the phase relationship of two copies of the same 12/8 rhythmic pattern.

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