PixiVisor For iOS Now Available, Lets You Treat Video As Sound

PixiVisorDeveloper Alexander Zolotov has released PixiVisor for iOS, a new app that lets you treat video as sound.

Why would you want to treat video as sound?

Transmitting video as sound lets you use your complete toolkit of audio-mangling tools on video. And, at $1.99, PixiVisor is a cheap option for experimenting with video synthesis.  Continue reading

PixiVisor Lets You Treat Video As Sound, So You Can Use Your Monotron To Mangle Kitty Videos

Developer Alexander Zolotov has released PixiVisor, a tool that lets you send and receive video as audio.

And because it lets you handle video as audio, it lets you use your complete toolkit of audio-mangling tools for mangling video.

PixiVisor is multi-platform, with versions planned or available for Android, Windows, LInux, Mac and iOS.  Continue reading

Modular Synthesizers At The 2013 NAMM Show


At this year’s NAMM Show, there was a wealth of modular synthesizer gear on display, more than we’ve ever seen at previous NAMM Shows. It’s a reflection of the increasing interest in modular synthesis and the growing number of modular synth manufacturers.  Continue reading

Crypts – Fancy (Music Video With Modular Video Processing)

YouTube Preview Image

Music video for Crypts’ Fancy, featuring modular video processing with an LZX video synthesizer.

Via reader Nick Bartoletti, who included these technical details:

Footage was shot on location with DSLR’s, a VHS camcorder, and a vintage tube camera. Once i cut the pieces together i then ran the footage through an LZX video synthesizer. I did a few different takes with various patches. I also did some takes using an old video mixer and camera for feedback and also used an oscilloscope with the LZX for some vector rescanning. I then mixed the effected clips in with the original footage.

Video Synthesis From LZX Visionary Modules

Michael MatosCusp – A Remembrance of the Forgotten is a short film synthesized using LZX Visionary modules, ‘my dearest Eurorack pals’ and an oscilloscope.

Matos explains:

A small basic lzx system using the vsg, into the tvp, into the video ramps to boost the signal straight to the oscilloscope.

I used a variety of euro, especially the WMD gamma wave, Maths, anti-oscillator, and the piston honda. I’m trying to explore a more primitive palette, than the one you usually see from the lzx. It’s a highly flexible system, and one that easily adapts to your vision.

For more info on these modules, see our LZX Industries posts and the LZX site.

John Foxx & The Maths – Interplay

This music video for John Foxx & The MathsInterplay, by motion graphics designers Barnbrook, uses retro video synthesis to mirror the groups’ use of vintage synth gear:

This new video uses analogue equipment in its creation, similar to the way John Foxx And The Maths have used analogue synths to make their music.

The pure analogue mix uses only video feedback and film processed through a 1980s video synth called a Chromascope. It gives an effect different from anything that can be done with software and matches the warmth and purity of the sounds used.

Bleep Labs Intros Hard Soft Synth 3i – A New Audio + Video Synthesizer

YouTube Preview Image

Bleep Labs has introduced the Hard Soft Synth 3i is an audio + video generator by ‘noisemaker extraordinaire’, Gieskes.

Features include:

  • 16 Audio & video modes + 8 video only modes.
  • RCA, S-video, and VGA video out.
  • Audio, IR, and CV trigger input as well as CV out. IR with Handmade Music Austin or Gieskes devices, hook it up to a modular via CV or use the audio input to control the sounds and video of the HSS3i.
  • Analog low-pass filter controlled via photocell.
  • MIDI input controls device parameters.
  • Optional circuit bent video device for even more visual insanity.

More info including different code versions and PCB layouts on Gieskes’ HSS page.

It’s available now in the Bleep Labs store, in several kit and pre-built formats, starting at $95.