Ming Micro, A MIDI-Controller 8-bit Video Synthesizer, Is ‘The Ultimate Pixel Art Instrument’


Special Stage Systems has introduced the Ming Micro – a portable 8-bit video synthesizer, with NTSC composite output, integrated chiptune synthesis, SD card slot, USB and MIDI control.

They call it “The ultimate pixel art instrument.”

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Critter & Guitari Intros Black & White Video Synthesizer

BlackWhiteScope-Connected_grandeCritter & Guitari has introduced the Black & White Video Scope – their latest video synthesizer.

The Black & White Video Scope is a video synthesizer that generates visual patterns in response to sound. It features 16 patterns, including oscilloscopes, strobe effects, flashing squares, rotating blocks, and random pixels. Some of the modes respond continuously to the sound, and others respond to percussive sounds, advancing a pattern on each hit.

It also features a Randomizer mode where the modes change randomly at a selectable rate between 1 frame – 30 seconds.

Here’s a preview of the Black & White Video Scope in action:

To operate: Connect it to a television, projector or video rig and connect a sound source to the ¼” audio jack. Select one of the 16 patterns and, using the gain knob, adjust the sensitivity to the audio input.

The Black & White Video Scope is available now, priced at US $165.

New Hard Soft Synth Offers “15 Modes Of Audio/Video Excellence”

Bleep Labs Hard Soft Synthesizer

Bleep Labs has introduced the new Hard Soft Synth 3jb, a audio + video synthesizer.

The HSS3jb features 15 modes of audio/video excellence, each with 4-5 variables of control. There are also 8 video only modes designed for use with the trigger and audio inputs. An adjustable analog filter keeps everything smooth (or as gnarly as you’d like).

Here’s a video demo of the Hard Soft Synth 3jb:

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Video Synthesis From LZX Visionary Modules

Michael MatosCusp – A Remembrance of the Forgotten is a short film synthesized using LZX Visionary modules, ‘my dearest Eurorack pals’ and an oscilloscope.

Matos explains:

A small basic lzx system using the vsg, into the tvp, into the video ramps to boost the signal straight to the oscilloscope.

I used a variety of euro, especially the WMD gamma wave, Maths, anti-oscillator, and the piston honda. I’m trying to explore a more primitive palette, than the one you usually see from the lzx. It’s a highly flexible system, and one that easily adapts to your vision.

For more info on these modules, see our LZX Industries posts and the LZX site.

Turn An Old TV Into A Super-Cool Light Synthesizer

light synthesizer

Niklas Roy’s Lumenoise is a DIY project that lets you turn an old TV into a super-cool light synthesizer.

Here’s what Roy has to say about the project:

Lumenoise is a light pen, which turns your old CRT-TV into an audiovisual synthesizer. You paint abstract geometric patterns and sounds directly onto the screen. It is a playful and performative device, as anything that you do will cause an instantaneous reflection in the gadget’s sonic and visual output. I have captured a few minutes on video while I played with it:

Unlike modern flat TV’s, old school CRT’s draw the image line by line onto their phosphorescent screen. A photo transistor, placed on a tube TV’s surface, can recognize when the part of the image is drawn underneath it. If this photo transistor is connected with a micro controller which generates the video signal, the controller can localize the exact position of the photo transistor on the screen.

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Bleep Labs Intros Hard Soft Synth 3i – A New Audio + Video Synthesizer

YouTube Preview Image

Bleep Labs has introduced the Hard Soft Synth 3i is an audio + video generator by ‘noisemaker extraordinaire’, Gieskes.

Features include:

  • 16 Audio & video modes + 8 video only modes.
  • RCA, S-video, and VGA video out.
  • Audio, IR, and CV trigger input as well as CV out. IR with Handmade Music Austin or Gieskes devices, hook it up to a modular via CV or use the audio input to control the sounds and video of the HSS3i.
  • Analog low-pass filter controlled via photocell.
  • MIDI input controls device parameters.
  • Optional circuit bent video device for even more visual insanity.

More info including different code versions and PCB layouts on Gieskes’ HSS page.

It’s available now in the Bleep Labs store, in several kit and pre-built formats, starting at $95.

Synkie – The Modular, Open-Source Video Synthesizer

The Synkie is a modular, open-source analog video processor, developed by Michael Egger, Flo Kaufmann and Max Egger.

Like a modular audio synthesizer, Synkie lets you work with the signal using patch cables, but producing images, not sound. It is described as “an instrument for video, a playground, a platform to explore new ways to transform a video signal.” Continue reading