Mixr iPad DJ App Updated With Sampler

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iPad DJ App Mixr has been updated to version 1.1.

Here’s what’s new in Mixr 1.1:

  • Redesigned UI
  • Sample Pad
  • Kit Store
  • Pitch Adjust
  • Track Seek
  • Half/Double BPM
  • Inverted Pitch

The app is currently $4.99 in the App Store. Note that version 1.1 has been submitted but isn’t showing up in the store yet.

Mixr 1.1 is a free update for existing users.

Mathon – Terrestre (Vinyl + DVD)

Mathon - Terrestre

Mathon’s new release, Terrestre, is a unique album, both musically and in terms of the physical format.

Switzerland based Mathon is made up of Thomas Augustiny, Roger Stucki und Pete Leuenberger. They create cinematic ambient music.

The album comes as a vinyl LP + DVD combination. It’s worth noting that the LP is pretty sexy, as it’s pressed in clear vinyl. A DVD is also included, with digital versions of each of the tracks, remixes and videos for several tracks. It’s clear a lot of thought went into the presentation of this release.

The album features 6 tracks, 3 to a side on the LP. The music combines electronic sounds, acoustic instruments & environmental sounds.

Mathon says that “they took their mobile recording-studio into the mountains and they chose the earth as their main theme for the compositions. The coexistence of nature and civilization and also the contradictions between the two can be heard on Terrestre.”

The tracks mix fluttering ambient synth pads with: piano, violin and other instruments; subtle glitch effects and processing; and an assortment of unidentifiable creaks, scrapes and drones. At times, it’s a bit like George Winston had to do a gig in one of the slightly eerie landscapes of Brian Eno’s ambient classic, On Land. Other times, it has more of a meditative quality.

Though the music on Terrestre is described as ambient – it’s not necessarily music you’re likely to put on and ignore. This sonic landscape may make you wonder just what’s in the shadows, behind that tree or over the next hill. Continue reading

Traktor 2 Now Available To Order, Here’s A Sneak Peak

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Native Instruments has announced that Traktor 2 – the next generation of its DJ hardware and software platform – is now available for order, and will be shipping April 1st.

The video, above, offers a sneak preview of Traktor 2.

Traktor 2 was on the menu at a Breakfast of Champions recently, hosted at Qbert’s crib in San Francisco. The three-way jam session features Qbert, Shiftee and Rafik performing on 4 turntables with just one Traktor Scratch Pro 2 system, making full use of the 10 inputs and outputs of the Traktor Audio 10 interface.

Native Instruments Maschine is also used as a MIDI controller for Traktor.

Here are the highlights of Traktor 2: Continue reading

New App, iCrates, ‘Ultimate Search Tool’ For Crate Diggers

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OT: iCrates is a new $1.99 app for the iPhone designed for crate-diggers.

iCrates gives you mobile access to online music databases and marketplaces, such as Discogs, eBay, Amazon and iTunes. You can listen to tracks and audio samples, watch videos and share your findings with friends on Twitter, Facebook or by email.

The built-in barcode scanner allows users even faster access to search results, and iCrates shows real-time price offers for releases and evaluates the rarity and average selling price for you in various currencies.  Continue reading

The Turntable Tricknology Of DJ Shiftee

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In this official Native Instruments video, DMC champ DJ Shiftee performs an advanced turntablism tricknology routine, using the combination of Traktor Scratch Pro, the X1 controller and Maschine.

Shiftee creates a live dubstep remix of the Dead Prez track Hip Hop using Caspa’s Dub Warz, showcasing the versatility of the cue point and performance effect features in Traktor. Continue reading

Name The New Native Instruments Traktor DJ System!

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Native Instruments today dropped this teaser video for a new Traktor DJ system.

They haven’t provided any info on it yet – no name, pricing, specs or availability. They say that they’ll more details in August.

But that’s like a month away – so let’s see what you guys can come up with for a name and specs.

Maybe you can beat what the NI guys come up with!