Yamaha Intros English-Speaking Cyber Diva

Yamaha Vocaloid Cyber Diva Box

At the 2015 NAMM Show, Yamaha introduced new software products built on Vocaloid 4, the company’s voice synthesis engine.

Vocaloid is designed to let you you synthesize virtual vocals, by inputing melodies and typing in lyrics. Making their debut on the platform are the Cyber Diva voice library in American English and Vocaloid 4 Editor for Cubase.

Cyber Diva is the first Vocaloid Singer Library with an American English female voice. Geared toward professional music producers, Cyber Diva lets users input melodies or lyrics to create the vocal lines. Continue reading

Mercury Symphonic Boychoir ‘Comprehensive, Playable & Powerful’

Soundiron has introduced Mercury Symphonic Boychoir, described as ‘the single most comprehensive, playable and powerfully sampled children’s choir ever released.’

Here’s what they have to say about it:

There is a special sound to a traditional English boy’s choral ensemble — solemn lows, angelic highs and an overwhelming innocence that harkens back to the days of youth and purity. With Mercury, we managed to capture this unique quality as we painstakingly sampled a full boy’s choral ensemble (ages 8-13) in the same large hall in which we recorded our Olympus choirs.

 Mercury will feature 42 staccatos & 42 sustaining marcatos both with 4x round-robin, 18 tempo-syncing Latin poly-syllabic sustains with phrase-synchronus polyphonic legato, unique poly-staccatos, dynamic true legato vowels with real-time speed control from fluid portamento to tight, drone and whispering chants, trills, sweeps, swells and other choral effects. You’ll also find two exquisite soloists (soprano/younger and alto/older), each with a wide range of poly-syllabic phrases, staccatos and fluid true legato vowel sustain.

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Isao Tomita To Premier Work With Virtual Singer Miku

Electronic music pioneer Isao Tomita, 80, has announced he will feature a virtual singer Hatsune Miku as the main singer in his upcoming orchestra concert on November 23rd at Tokyo Opera City Hall in Tokyo.

His new piece Ihatov Symphony, which expresses the world of Kenji Miyazawa’s novel, will be performed by Japan Philharmonic Orchestra with a conductor Naoto Otomo. Miku will appear on stage as 3D image and sing and dance in time to music.

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PowerFX Intros Virtual Choir Boy, Oliver

PowerFX has introduced a new virtual vocalist, Oliver, based on a 12 year-old choir boy.

Oliver is a Vocaloid 3 virtual instrument, doing vocal synthesis based on a sampled vocalist.


  • Piano-roll style note editor, importing functionality from a standard MIDI file (limited for 1 track and 17 bars).
  • Inputting lyrics and automatic conversion to phonemes.
  • Assigning musical expression templates from an Icon Palette.
  • Sending notes, lyrics and musical expression to the Synthesis Engine as set forth below and activating synthesis.
  • Saving vocal data as a wave file.
  • Changing synthesis parameters.
  • Effects (Reverb only).
  • Playback .wav files.

Oliver is available now for US $129. See the PowerFX site for an audio demo and details.

Amazing Vocal Synthesis Demo With Tonehammer Requiem

YouTube Preview Image

Virtual Musicians: This impressive demo showcases extended sustain types for female and male vocals, solo vocals, consonants and FX for the virtual choir library, Requiem, by Tonehammer.

Tonehammer has done some impressive virtual instruments in the past, but this really sounds amazing.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

via tonehammer

Replace Your Band With Lego MindStorms Robot Musicians

YouTube Preview Image

Tired of the drama of bands? Drummers not showing up, bassists showing up drunk or guitarists showing up and getting all the chicks while you adjust your filter cutoff knob?

Organfairy‘s got the answer – replace them all with robotic musicians made with Lego Mindstorms!

No more hassles over creative input or splitting the take!

Above, Organfairy’s Mindstorms Bass Guitarist. Continue reading