ReBirth For iPad Reborn, With MIDI Sync, Background Mode, Audio Sharing & More

ReBirth – the seminal software studio  – has gotten some love from Propellerhead, with a new update.

Here’s what’s new in ReBirth 1.3:

  • Duo Mode – flip instruments around and jam with a friend on the same iPad
  • MIDI sync – sync ReBirth to your DAW, MIDI hardware or other apps
  • Background mode – keep ReBirth playing in the background when slaved to other apps
  • SoundCloud Sharing – share your ReBirth music on SoundCloud
  • iTunes export – export your track to iTunes on your computer
  • Various bug fixes and performance enhancements

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Retronyms Tabletop Updates (Sneak Preview)

YouTube Preview Image

Retronyms has announced updates to Tabletop, its virtual studio for iOS. 

The updates include:

  • Auto-routing – Drop a device on the table, and you’re good to go!
  • Improved gestures – Swipe easily between devices
  • New iPad – Retina display support!

Availability of the update is to be announced.

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Tabletop Adds RS4000 Synthesizer

YouTube Preview Image

Retronyms has updated Tabletop – its virtual studio for the iPad – to version 1.2.

Here’s what’s new in Tabletop 1.2:

  • New RS4000: Powerful Synth
  • Easy sharing using SoundCloud
  • New Gridlok & M8RX samples from +verb
  • Bugfixes & performance improvements
Tabletop is currently available for .99 in the App Store. Some virtual instruments are in-app purchases.

Propellerhead ReBirth (RB-338)

YouTube Preview Image

The video above, via morimadoka, demos Propellerhead’s ReBirth – a free vintage virtual instrument.

ReBirth RB-338 is a software synthesizer for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS 8-9. It was developed by Propellerhead Software, and its first alpha version (for Mac OS) was publicly released in December 1996. Propellerhead Software ceased developing the program in January 1999.

Support was officially discontinued in September 2005. Shortly afterwards, the ReBirth Museum Web site was launched and the last version’s (2.0.1) disk image was made available as a free download.

ReBirth emulates two Roland TB-303 synthesizers, a Roland TR-808, and a Roland TR-909 drum machine all at once. Continue reading

This Music Software Ad May Give You Nightmares

HobNox is running a contest to promote its browser-based virtual studio, AudioTool. You can check out the contest details here.

But this bizarre promo ad is enough to give you nightmares!

Are you getting inspired to make music? Let me know what you think!

via Mark Mosher on Twitter

Rangrid Virtual Studio For The iPhone

YouTube Preview Image

Randgrid (App Store link) is a new virtual studio for the iPhone.


  • 2x monosynth
    • Dual oscillator
    • 24 db lowpass filter
  • 14x drumparts
  • Step sequencer
  • 8 parameter locks per step
  • Stereo delay
  • Distortion

If you’ve given this a try, leave a comment!

More info here.