SONiVOX Releases Big Bang Universal Drums 2.0 – Their ‘Flagship Drum Instrument’

SONiVOX has released the updated version of their percussion instrument, Big Bang Universal Drums 2.0, their ‘flagship drum instrument’.

New features in Big Bang Universal Drums 2.0 include an integrated patch browser, new content, 64-bit VST and AU support, 15 GB of drum sounds; 16 kits and over 400 patches. Continue reading

Analog + Digital Compared: OP-X PRO-II vs. The Oberheim OB-X

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Here’s an analog vs virtual analog comparison, via virtualoberheim, of the SonicProjects OP-X PRO-II virtual Oberheim VSTi software synth for Windows and a vintage Oberheim OB-X Rev.2.

The lower manual in the video is an USB MDI master keyboard (an Emu Xboard 61) which drives OP-X PRO-II hosted in Steinberg Cubase 5. No effects or any other treatments were involved, both OB-X and OP-X PRO-II were recorded directly to disk, OB-X over the line inputs of an RME HDSP 9632.

The video switches quickly back and forth between the two sources, making it easy to listen for differences.

Check it out and let us know what you think! Can you hear differences between the vintage Oberheim and its virtual recreation?

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Arturia Wurlitzer V Piano Review

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Arturia recently introduced Wurlitzer V, described as ‘a high end software recreation of the classic Wurlitzer 200A electric piano.’

Wurlitzer V’s physical modeling engine reproduces the acoustic properties of reeds, key action and amplification, in order to deliver realism, while offering maximum flexibility on sound.

Russ Hughes of Pro Tools Expert takes a look at Arturia Wurlitzer V in this video review. He calls Wurlitzer V “an excellent emulation” of the original Wurlitzer 200A.

Arturia Wurlitzer V is available now for Mac OS X & Windows.


  • Box: USD 129.00 / EURO 119.00
  • Download: USD 99.00 / EURO 99.00

If you’ve used Arturia Wurlitzer V, let us know what you think of it!

Virtual Rendez-Vous – A Long-Distance Synth Jam

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Sunday Synth JamNicolas Kern & Dark Shrimp collaborated across 700 kilometers to create Virtual Rendez-Vous: SkySounds – a synth music jam with a bit of an old-school Jean Michel Jarre influence.

It was recorded in Paris and Marseille, between August 6 – 21st.

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Emulator Multitouch Screen Goes Modular (Sneak Preview)

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Smithson Martin, developer of the Emulator multitouch DJ controller, released this sneak preview of Emulator Modular.

Emulator Modular is designed to let you add multitouch capability to your preferred software – sort of like a giant Jazzmutant Lemur.

Release date is TBA.

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SONiVOX Big Bang – Cinematic Percussion Virtual Instrument Trailer

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SONiVOX has introduced Big Bang – Cinematic Percussion –  a new virtual instrument for MAC and PC.

SONiVOX Big Bang features over 12 Gigabytes of more than 200 instrument presets, designed to deliver “explosive sounding” drums and percussion, for use in a cinematic context.

Intelligent Rhythm Control

An integral part of Big Bang – Cinematic Percussion is a technology called Intelligent Rhythm Control, or IRC. Intelligent Rhythm Control intercepts and adjusts MIDI events as they occur, and is designed to help users make fluid percussion tracks with ease.  Continue reading

Synth Magic Intros Sounds Of The Quadra

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Synth Magic has introduced Sounds Of The Quadra – a virtual ARP Quadra synthesizer and analogue style sequencer for Native Instruments Kontakt 4.

Sounds of the Quadra is a virtual instrument for MAC and PC and is designed to let users recreate the sounds of the legendary 1978 synthesiser. Continue reading