Video Generator With Max & Max For Live (Sneak Preview)

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This is a sneak preview of Julien Bayle’s Video Generator for Max & Max For Live:

I’m currently designing a video generator core structure able to react to my music.

The architecture will include a basic structure (again simplicity) and will be provided with music, probably.

You can get more on the Video Generator project at Bayle’s site.

Multiplayer Particle Visualizer For iPad – Gravitarium 2

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This is a little off-topic, but interesting: Gravitarium 2 is a new app for the iPad that’s the first multiplayer particle visualizer.

It combines an electronic music soundtrack with generative visuals that you control with multitouch gestures. And you can connect wirelessly with other users to use it in a multiplayer mode.

Is it a game? A music video? An interactive artwork? A clever promo app?

Check it out and let us know what you think……

It’s available for free $1.99 in the App StoreContinue reading

Kinect Dubstep Jam With Synapse

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This is an example performance of what you can do with Ryan Challinor’s Synapse for Kinect tools combined with Ableton Live and Quartz Composer.

Synapse is an app for Mac and Windows that allows you to use your Kinect to control Ableton Live, Quartz Composer, Max/MSP/Jitter, and any other application that can receive OSC events. It sends joint positions and hit events via OSC, and also sends the depth image into Quartz Composer. This allows you to use your whole body as an instrument.

You can download Synapse for Kinect at Challinor’s site. Continue reading

New iPad Synth, MorphWhiz, To Feature Loop Recording & Overdubbing

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iPad Music Software: Here’s another demo of Jordan Rudess’ new iPad synth, MorphWhiz, which is officially “coming soon”.

Rudess performs using MorphWiz’s loop recording, overdub, and playback features. Continue reading