Realivox Blue Lets You Turn Text Into Vocals


RealiTone has released Realivox Blue – a new vocal synthesizer that can translate words you type into vocals.

Realivox Blue is based on 12,000 samples, carefully edited to allow individual sounds to be composited into words and phrases.

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If Stephen Hawking Covered Maroon 5′s ‘Moves Like Jagger’…..

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If Stephen Hawking covered Maroon 5′s Moves Like Jagger, it might sound something like this version by ‘s music robots.

Technical details:

Vocals Digital DECtalk Express play both the male and female vocals (the same unit as Stephen Hawking used back in the 80′s) and it is controlled by a Genesi linux box.

Robot Snare, Robot Bass Drum and Tambourine

Robot Keyboard and HP Scanner

Boss Intros VE-5 Vocal Performer Effects Processor

At Musicmesse 2012, BOSS has announced the VE-5 Vocal Performer, a compact  personal effects processor and looper.

The VE-5 inherits effects from BOSS’ VE-20 Vocal Performer pedal, including reverb, delay, double/harmony, and dynamics processing. Also on board is realtime pitch correction and special effects processing via the TONE/SFX category. A built-in phrase looper lets users capture vocal performances with effects and loop them on the fly for exciting real-time presentations.

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New Voice Controlled Synth For iOS

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Reader André Redert sent word for Voice Synth, a new iPad/iPhone app that developers say lets you sound like a Lion, harmony choir, a Dalek, baby, Barry White, a guitar, a Japanese Koto, a thunderstorm and more.

See the tutorial demo and full specs below.

Voice Synth is $10, but is currently available for $4.99 in the App Store.

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TC Helicon Intros VoiceLive Touch Vocal Effects Processor at 2010 Summer NAMM Show

2010 Summer NAMM Show: TC Helicon has introduced the VoiceLive Touch vocal effects processor.

TC Helicon has this to say about the new VoiceLive Touch:

We are so crazy excited about announcing our latest creation VoiceLive Touch a mic-stand mountable vocal processor and looper. The success of VoiceLive 2 for the singing guitarists is ready to be matched for musicians who only sing, or play keyboard and sing, or play multiple instruments and sing. Then again, every singer is going to take their music in some new exotic direction with VoiceLive Touch because it premieres our new vocal performance looper VLOOP.

The VoiceLive Touch has a MSRP of $695 US MSRP / €470 ex.VAT.

Detailed specs below.

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Record 1.5 Adds AutoTune Via Neptune Pitch Adjuster

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Propellerhead today announced Neptune Pitch Adjuster for Record, as part of its series of teaser videos for Record 1.5 and Reason 5.

Neptune is an advanced pitch adjuster, audio transposer and voice synth for Record 1.5.

Propellerhead says:

Getting a vocal performance right means so much more than hitting the right notes at the right time. Sometimes you get that almost perfect performance with perfect feel and presence, but the singer might have missed a few notes. That’s when Neptune can save the day.

Sound a lot like AutoTune was a popular feature request. Read what Synthtopia readers want most from Reason 5 and Record 1.5.