Got A Terrible Rig? Then You Could Win!

Got a terrible rig? Ugly, broken gear?

Here’s one instance when having a crummy music setup is advantageous:

Music gear makers Korg, HK Audio, Lâg, and VOX are collaborating on a Make Over My Rig contest. The winner will receive a new setup that includes the new portable HK Audio LUCAS Nano stereo PA system, a Lâg T66DCE acoustic guitar, a VOX AGA30 acoustic amp, and Korg’s compact MicroStation keyboard. Contest organizers say the prize package is worth more than $2,600 US.

Here’s the contest info:

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Vox Intros Lil’ Looper Pedal At Musikmesse

Vox Lil Looper

Musikmesse 2012: Vox introduced the VOX Lil’ Looper, a new hardware looping effects pedal. It offers two independent loops and sound on sound recording, to let you build up complex audio sequences.


  • Intuitive dual pedal design
  • Record for a total of 90 seconds on two independent loops
  • Overdubbing with Undo/Redo
  • Add infinite layers with SOS recording capabilities
  • Loop Quantize
  • Creates phrases that automatically loop on the beat
  • Sync two loops to the same tempo
  • 12 Effects
  • Pedal: Comp, Crunch, Overdrive, Distortion
  • Modulation: Chorus, Phaser, Mod Delay; Stutter
  • Simulation: Acoustic, Bass, Radio, Pitch
  • Built-in metronome/rhythm guide
  • Headphone output with metronome only mode
  • Switch between Guitar input & Balanced Mic (1/4″) input
  • Battery power (AA x 6) or optional AC power adapter
  • Optional VFS2 can turn effects on/off, stops loops, or erase a phrase

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Vintage Organ Demo

YouTube Preview Image

This is a fun video demo that highlights the differences between a variety of vintage organs, including Vox | Continental / Jaguar / Corinthian / 300 / Jennings J70 organs.

via serenities:

Finally a free day (Queensday) and some time too make a (very) short impression about the differences of sound in the Vox organ family. Unfortunately the Super Continental couldn’t be part of the video, it’s still on the working table

Of course there is so much to show / hear in the differences, the effects, the individual drawbar changes, the presets, percussions, vibrato, reverb, bass, sustain etc. But this is to much to put in a video of max. 10 min.

I might do some documentary thing in the future that will contain much more information. In meanwhile, enjoy these sounds!

Vox Intros New Valvetronix Amp

valvetronix ampVox has expanded its line of Valvetronix amps with the addition of the 100 Watt AD100VTH head.

The AD100VTH is equipped with a silver metal grille that provides a modern twist to traditional VOX design. Chicken head, pointer knobs pay homage to VOX’s rich heritage. Its features include:

  • 11 amp styles.
  • 11 preset programs.
  • Two user-editable channels (programs) for saving amp and effect combination settings.
  • 11 effects (plus noise reduction), complemented by a Tap button (for quickly setting delay time or modulation speed).
  • FX bypass button to easily turn on or off effects in any mode.
  • Presence control.
  • User selectable output power (from 1-100 Watts) so the Valve Reactor can be saturated at any sound level to deliver authentic, tube power amp sound and feel.
  • Simple control layouts for ease of use; quick access to deeper editing from the top panel.
  • Built-in line/headphone jack for direct recording or practice; effect-loop jack for connecting external effect processors.
  • Two external speaker output jacks.

The new V412BK speaker cabinet complements the AD100VTH. This 4×12 cab features authentic VOX speakers with an aggressive, modern sound, road-worthy construction and black grille cloth to match any rig, all at an affordable price. An optional VFS2 dual footswitch is also available. The first footswitch toggles between user programs (CH1, CH2) and the second switch is an effects bypass. Alternatively, the second footswitch can activate Manual mode for hands-free switching between three sounds (two user + manual setting) during live performance.

The VOX AD100VTH Head and V412BK cabinet will be available in December 2005 with respective U.S. MSRPs of $549 and $499.

More information is available at the Vox site.

Vox Intros Two Cooltron Effects Pedals

vox over the topVox has introduced two new additions to its Cooltron series of effects pedals, the Over The Top Boost and the Snake Charmer Compressor.

The stompboxes use a 12AU7 (ECC82) preamp tube to deliver the type of tone that was previously unattainable from a battery-powered unit. The Cooltron technology provides tube sonic performance at a very low voltage and at a reduced heater current, allowing for convenient battery-powered operation.

Over The Top Boost

The Over The Top Boost incorporates the top boost channel of a VOX AC30 into a stompbox for use as a booster pedal to drive the input of an amp, or for overdrive from the pedal itself. The Treble control offers a variety of tone shaping possibilities — from cutting attack to smooth and liquid — while the Bass control can be used to add low-end girth or warm, round smoothness. A Cut control can add or remove higher frequencies at the turn of a knob, and varying the overall gain of the pedal takes guitarists from bluesy and mellow to fat and saturated. The Standard/Custom switch is used to make the EQ very interactive in Standard mode (as found in a traditional AC30), or have it behave less interactively (as in the AC30 Hand Wired and AC30 Custom Classic) in Custom mode.

vox snake charmerSnake Charmer Compressor

The Snake Charmer Compressor’s tube compression circuitry provides smoothing tone control for evening out peaks and spikes, while maintaining overall gain consistency. A High/Low Switch lets guitarists choose between two overall levels of ratio. Gain reduction controls include attack and release. A Gain Reduction Indicator gives the user visual cues of the results of their settings. The Snake Charmer also features a High-End Emphasis control for fine-tuning the amount of compression applied to the top end of the guitar signal.

Each Cooltron pedal utilizes four AA batteries (providing 16 hours of operation) and measures 6.63″ (W) x 6.12″ (H) x 2.52″ (D). An optional 9V AC adapter is available.

The VOX Snake Charmer Compressor and Over The Top Boost are currently available, each with an MSRP of $300.

More information is available at the Vox Amps site.

Precisionsound releases Philicorda GM 751 Organ Library

Precisionsound has released Philicorda GM 751, an organ sound library for HALion, Kontakt & SoundFont.


VOX and Farfisa organs may be the most known of the “squeaky” pop organs of the -60ties, but the Philicorda GM751 is probably the coolest. The Swedish pop group “Soundtrack of our life’s” may be the once who put this vintage organ back on stage and studio.

Now it’s here for you to enjoy.

We have sampled a total of 113 mono samples divided into 4 different settings that we like and all WAV files are seamlessly looped.

You get 4 24bit programs (sounds) for HALion 1.13 ->, Kontakt 1.5.3 -> and 4 SoundFont programs (sounds) in 16bit resolution.

A Cubase SX Rotary preset is also included.

More information is available at the Precisionsound site.