Abstract Data Intros ADE-10 Reactive Shaper Eurorack Module

Abstract Data has released the ADE-10 Reactive Shaper – a 3 stage waveshaping, wavefolding and feedback effect in a 10HP Eurorack module.

Features include:

  • All analog design;
  • DC-coupled I/Os;
  • Wide range from Audio to LFO and CV;
  • Dual, simultaneous Outputs;
  • Complete CV control;
  • Power supply and Input protection;
  • Mounts in most Eurorack cases;
  • Comprehensive PDF manual available online.

This module has a vast array of processing capabilities, from ‘tearing leads,
evolving pads and complex drones to sound design, CV and LFO modulation’.

You can read more about the ADE-10 at the Abstract Data site. The manual is also available (pdf).

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New App, WaveShaper, Offers ‘Unique’ Approach To Sound Design

YouTube Preview Image

Developer Damien Di Fede has introduced WaveShaper – an audio synthesis app that lets you control a ‘unique sound generating algorithm using a large XY controller’.


  • white, pink, and red noise as a control source for the algorithm
  • two control points for controlling noise generation and location in the source audio
  • 8 preset slots for storing control point positions
  • touch-and-slide on the presets to scrub between them
  • includes over 20 audio files to use in the app
  • add your own audio files using the Documents folder in iTunes
  • ecord your performance and save the result to the Documents folder
  • share your recordings on SoundCloud from within the app

“Sound designers and electronic music producers are always on the look out for new noise makers to use for one-off special effects in our projects, but rarely do we come across something that feels like a one stop shop for all noise making needs,” says game audio designer Bobby Arlauskas.” Well, when I need noise for a sound design project, now I grab my iPad and load up WaveShaper.” –

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Propellerhead Reason Tutorial – WaveShaper Combinator Effect w/ Malström

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This Propellerhead Reason tutorial takes a look at WaveShaper Combinator Effects w/ Malström:

Dubspot instructor and electronic music producer Chris Petti shows you how to create a WaveShaper Combinator effect patch from scratch using Propellerhead Reason’s powerful synthesizers Malström and Thor.

Petti starts with a fully-built WaveShaper effect patch plugged into to the output of Thor (which is generating an unprocessed sine wave) with a series of real-time controls mapped to Combinator. When the WaveShaper is engaged, the unprocessed sound is transformed dramatically.

Then, Petti demystifies the method he used to create the effect patch and shows you how to build your own WaveShaper effect from scratch, utilizing a blank combinator patch.

At the end of the tutorial you should have a good grasp of how to Wave Shape (process, bend, twist, or modify) any incoming sound.

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Free Mac AU Waveshaper


Free Music Software: Developer Thomas Strathmann has released a free Mac AU, Waveshaper.

Waveshaper is described as “A simple waveshaping plugin with various transfer functions (tanh, sin, atan, fold back, saturate, etc.) as AudioUnit Universal Binary for Mac OS X from 10.5 upwards.”

Free Audio Effects For Windows & Mac

free-mac-au-free-windows-vstFree Music Software: Melda Production has a collection of free audio effect plugins that are available fo Mac and Windows.

The collection includes:

  • MDrummer Small
  • MCompressor
  • MEqualizer
  • MRingModulator
  • MAnalyzer
  • MPhaser
  • MLimiter
  • MWaveShaper
  • MAutoPan
  • MVibrato
  • MTremelo
  • MStereoExpander

See the Melda Productions site for  details.