William Orbit’s Pieces In A Modern Style 2

Wiliam Orbit has announced Pieces In A Modern Style 2, a second collection of classical works arranged for electronic instruments.

It will be released on Decca Records, August 16th, 2010.

Orbit’s original Pieces In A Modern Style was a hit, in large part because of dance remixes of his version of Barber’s Adagio For Strings.

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William Orbit’s Pieces In A Modern Style 2

William Orbit’s original Pieces In A Modern Style, which featured synthed-up arrangements of popular classical works, was a rare switched-on album that brought something new to the genre.

And Ferry Corsten’s trance remix of Orbit’s Adagio for Strings arrangement was transformational – reimagining the somber piece as an upbeat dance track. Sacrilege!

Now Orbit is returning to the classics, with Pieces In A Modern Style 2. It’s an ambitious two disc set, featuring works Grieg, Faure, Bach, Tchaikovsky and others.

Here’s a preview of Orbit’s Pieces In A Modern Style 2:

YouTube Preview Image

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William Orbit – Optical Illusions

YouTube Preview Image

This is William Orbit‘s Optical Illusions, from the forthcoming album My Oracle Lives Uptown.

Orbit notes:

I have never done anything like this before.

All done on laptops. Richard Shea and I spent long hours editing and assembling. Final Cut Pro was a hard mountain to climb and in the end we mostly used Sony Vegas.

This first video is made to the Dr Meaker remix of ‘Optical Illusions’. He mixed it at Olympic Studios in South London. Sam Matthews was the mix engineer. I really like the sound they got there.

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Madonna – Ray of Light

The latest music from dance divas Kylie Minogue and Britney Spears vear off into electronica territory, but they never rise to the level of work that Madonna has been putting out for years.

Madonna is one of the few pop artists that regularly crank out albums – completely thought out listening experiences, instead of just a collection of tracks. This 1998 release is no exception.

On Ray of Light, Madonna works electronica artist William Orbit, and the result is one of the best combinations of the electronica and pop worlds ever put to CD. Orbit brings legitimate electronica chops to the coupling, while Madonna adds that special sauce that gives it mainstream appeal. She also takes Orbit’s music to higher levels by giving the electronica some pop sensibility.

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