Cakewalk Releases Music Creator 6 Touch on Steam

cakewalk-music-creator-touch6Music software company Cakewalk today announced the availability of Music Creator 6 Touch on Steam, a popular gaming and entertainment software platform (Portal, Counter-Strike, etc).

Music Creator 6 Touch works on any Windows 7 or 8 PC to create original music.The software has tools, loops, instruments, and FX needed to create, edit, and mix music. Users can share their music using SoundCloud to post music on Facebook and Twitter (or the “old fashioned” way, by burning a CD).

Music Creator 6 Touch also adds touch support for Intel-inspired Ultrabooks and other Windows 8 touch-enabled devices. Using the same multi-touch gestures familiar to smartphone users, musicians can interact directly with Music Creator 6 Touch on their computer screen for a groundbreaking experience.

Previously available as a download from Cakewalk’s store, Music Creator 6 Touch is is the first major music title to appear on Steam, Valve’s game and entertainment delivery platform.

Pricing and availability:  Music Creator 6 Touch is available for $49.99/£39.99/49.99Euro on the Cakewalk Store and Steam. Visit Cakewalk for more information.

Windows 8 Beats Windows 7 For Audio Production (Performance Tests)

Microsoft’s introduction of Windows 8 has been a controversial one.

Many early users have completely dismissed the new category of Windows 8 RT tablets, because of their lack of compatibility with existing Windows apps. Others are excited by the potential for multitouch apps on Windows 8. And some are confused or annoyed by the two faces of Windows 8’s user interface.

For musician, though, one of the biggest questions has been how music apps perform under Windows 8. We’ve previously reported on Cakewalk’s testing – they found that Windows 8 runs Sonar better, across the board.

Now Rain Computers – maker of media production PCs – reports on their Windows 8 vs Windows 7 benchmarking. Here are the details:

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How Windows 7 Will Effect Music Production

windows-7-audioCakewalk has published an interesting look at Windows 7 for audio production:

Q: In what ways has Windows 7 been optimized, in terms of performance, for audio production?

A: Windows 7 on the surface is very similar to Windows Vista. It has the same audio driver support and same audio system infrastructure as Vista. However it’s some of the under hood improvements that are more significant for audio production. There are some interesting innovations and optimizations in the Windows kernel, making the OS more scalable for concurrent processing. This makes it attractive for highly multithreaded applications like SONAR. Additionally there are various new API’s/SDK’s that may be of significance to developers.

The article goes into exquisitely geeky detail, so it’s worth a read if you’re running Windows.

See, too, Peter Kirn’s equally geektacular Window 7 OS-porn at CDM.

Cakewalk Products Ready For Windows 7

Cakewalk has been testing SONAR from early Windows 7 Betas right through to the latest Release Candidates, and they are officially recommending Windows 7 as a platform for SONAR 8.5.

Additionally, SONAR 8.5 was evaluated at an independent Microsoft application compatibility lab and officially passed the rigorous Win7 compatibility testing.

See their site for full Windows 7 compatibility info.