Ferrite Recording Studio For iOS (Sneak Preview)


Developer Wooji Juice (Mitosynth, Hokusai, Grain Science) has announced Ferrite Recording Studio for iOS – a new mobile multitrack recording app.

The developers say that Ferrite Recording Studio “makes it fast and easy to record and edit audio on-the-go — while making powerful features like effects and automation available when you need them.”

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Mitosynth Update Adds Improved Automation, Step Sequencing, MIDI & More

mitosynth-iphoneWooji Juice has updated Mitosynth for iOS, increasing the flexibility of the step sequencer, adding automation features, expanding MIDI functionality, adding iOS 8 support and more.

Here’s what’s new in Wooji Juice 1.2:

  • Step Sequencer automation feature, supporting blend curves and sustain
  • Pitch Tracking and Note Tracking automation modes
  • MIDI Program Change & Patch Bank mapping
  • MIDI Polyphonic Aftertouch support
  • XY Pads highlight where they were last touched
  • iPhone users can now flip Performance Mode between XY pads, tempo controls, master gain control, and IAA Transport Control (where available)
  • 20 new built-in patches
  • Latest Audiobus SDK

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Wooji Juice Intros Mitosynth Additive/Wavetable Synth For iOS

mitosynthWooji Juice has introduced Mitosynth – a hybrid additive/wavetable software synthesizer.

Mitosynth dispenses with the usual fake knobs & sliders and instead aims for a modern UI tailored to touch.

Plus – ‘Phase Mangulation’.

Here’s what they have to say about Mitosynth:

Start with additive synthesis, wavetables, or a sophisticated mix. Add rich modulation, effects and filters, controlled by powerful LFOs and beyond.

Make vibrant leads, vast soundscapes, compelling basses, warm bath or deep sea pads, and so much more.

The sound is complex, but the controls are not. Synth engine and UI both offer clarity and power — you’re holding in your hands a miracle of touch-screen technology, why limit it to the switches and dials of decades-old hardware?

Mitosynth takes a simple approach: With a tap, almost any dial can be switched out for a graph with automation controls, including LFOs, 5-stage DADSR envelopes, ingenious noise generator, BPM sync — and MIDI, of course. Plus XY pads for the hands-on approach.

And you can combine them. Use one automation to control which (or how much) of two others affect a setting. Many of the automation controls are themselves automatable. You can repeat this, going to deeper levels. LFOception!

The flexible FX chain means no messing with complicated routing tables, or stringing cables around until your screen looks like a plate of pasta: Slot the distortion, filter, delay and other effects you want, in the order you want. Simple!

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New Hybrid Synth, Mitosynth (Sneak Preview)

mitosynthDeveloper Wooji Juice, makers of Grain Science, have announced Mitosynth – a new software synth for the iPad.

Here’s what they have to say about Mitosynth:

Mitosynth combines several techniques. At the heart of the engine, you can load up to 32 waveforms into a single patch; at any given moment, it picks some out to be combined, modulated, then passed through a subtractive-style programmable filter/FX chain.

As well as importing or sampling audio, or using the built-in waveforms, you can also feed the wavetable engine from Mitosynth’s additive synthesiser, or by using the prefilter to process existing waves.

And to keep your sound in motion you can rig up complex LFOs, envelopes or other signals to drive your synth patches. Without a single patch cable.

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Grain Science Updated With AudioBus

woojijuice-grain-scienceWooji Juice has released an update to Grain Science, adding AudioBus support.

Now you can stream live audio directly from Grain Science to other Audiobus-compatible apps.

Grain Science is a hybrid synthesizer that combines granular synthesis with ‘traditional synthesis techniques’.

Core MIDI support, including Virtual MIDI, background audio, and “tap & twist” learning for setting up controls; and a customisable performance screen with a collection of XY Pads and wheels.

Grain Science 1.4 is available now in the App Store for $9.99.

Grain Science + A Mic Turns Anything Into A New Synth Patch

Canis at Wooji Juice posted an interesting demo, embedded below, that highlights how you can use Grain Science to turn just about anything into a synth patch:

Recently, I posted a new Grain Science demo track to SoundCloud. It’s just a series of experiments, but quite a few people found it interesting because it demonstrates a side to Grain Science that maybe not everyone is aware of: the ability to bring to life the awesome synth instruments that are lurking in the everyday sounds all around you.

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Grain Science Updated, Now A Universal App

Developer Wooji Juice has released an update to Grain Science, its hybrid granular synthesizer for iOS.

Grain Science 1.3 offers four main improvements:

  • The first and biggest news is that Grain Science is now a Universal app. This means that it runs on both iPhone and iPod touch, as well as iPad. If you’ve already purchased Grain Science for iPad, and you have an iPhone/iPod touch, you can just install the updated version on your pocket device and start making music — and if you don’t have an iPad and have been missing out, welcome aboard!
  • Arpeggiator 2.0 – The Chord mode is a little cleaner and tidier, but the major upgrade is to the Step mode. The sequencer now supports 32 steps, a much wider range of notes, and allows you to sequence more options.
  • Ribbons and Velocity –  In the Settings, you can now switch the keyboard for a “ribbon controller”. This replaces the traditional piano keys with metal strips; the position of your finger along each strip controls the velocity for that note. It’s directly tied to the MIDI velocity, so if you have the ribbon controller enabled and happen to be using a MIDI device, you’ll see the ribbons reflecting the force with which you strike the keys on your MIDI keyboard (or equivalent).
  • The G-1000 Shapeinator – The G-1000 is a new FX unit that applies customized wave-shaping to your audio. You can wave-shape either using one of the presets, or by creating your own wave-shaping curve.

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Wooji Juice Juices Up Grain Science, Adds Chorus, New Synth Options

Grain Science

Wooji Juice has updated Grain Science (App Store link), its software synth for the iPad, adding a new chorus effect and additional synth options.

Grain Science is ‘built on similar principles of granular synthesis, but is vastly more powerful’, according to Wooji Juice. Unlike many “experimental” granular apps, Grain Science combines it with traditional synthesis techniques to make a hybrid synthesiser.

Here’s what’s new in Grain Science 1.2:
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