WOPR Synth Updated With AudioBus

wopr-audiobusDeveloper Tim Kemp has updated WOPR – a stereo virtual analog based on cellular automata – adding AudioBus support and more.

Here’s what’s Kemp has to say about WOPR 1.3:

It’s here! Audiobus, recording, AudioCopy and a looper. Use WOPR with any Audiobus Effect or Output slot apps! You can also record directly within WOPR and build up layered compositions. You can take your riffs and use them in Sonoma MAPI-compatible apps, too, if you prefer. Grab pristine, noise-free recordings using iTunes file sharing and load them into your main computer DAW. Use the loop playback feature to layer recordings on top of each other, building up giant sounds for sampling or simply to lay down a bass line, chords and lead in three passes.

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WOPR Puts ‘Artificial Life….In Service Of The Groove’

Omnivore Software has released WOPR – a polyphonic, stereo virtual analog synthesizer for iPad that features unique evolving modulation, driven by vintage 1970s cellular automata.

WOPR is a powerful virtual analog synthesizer, but what sets it apart is its modulation grid: you paint a pattern of cells into a grid, set the tempo, hit ‘run’ and let the cellular automata evolve your pattern. You can link areas of the grid to any of the synth’s parameters and your patches come to life, rhythmically pulsating as the patterns shift with each beat. You can constrain parameters to ranges for tight control over rhythmic modulation, or set them free to dynamically breed new patches.

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