Dr. Sunshine’s ‘A Rainbow Kitten Christmas’

From the land of WTF comes the holiday cheer of Dr. Sunshine’s A Rainbow Kitten Christmas.

The album offers Dr. Sunshine’s unique take on Christmas songs, featuring 8-bit chiptune sounds, lo fi vocoder goodness and a heaping helping of weirdness.  Continue reading

Blonde SuperFreak Steals the Magic Brain (NSFW & WTF)

From the land of WTF comes this music (?) video, by Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips, Blonde SuperFreak Steals the Magic Brain.

It stars Moby and Miley Cyrus, and is basically about what happens when Moby asks a blonde superfreak to steal Miley Cyrus’s brain – which isn’t even hers to begin with.

Here’s what Coyne has to say about this bizarro psychedelic freakout: Continue reading

Way-back Wednesday: Shoreditch Experimental Music School, 1969

Worth watching: This vintage (1969) BBC program looks at “experimental music education,” of the time. We’re not sure if it’s the most awesome thing ever – or the most disturbing. Either way, it’s a fascinating look at how some of the avant garde musical approaches of the day – including electronics and system music –  were brought into the classroom. Continue reading

New Whole Tone Fixed-width Keyboard ‘A Game Changer’

W-Audio WTF Keyboard

W-Audio today introduced a new MIDI keyboard controller that they describe as ‘a game changer’.

The Whole Tone Fixed-width keyboard MIDI controller features a unique keyboard layout that maintains a consistent relationship between black and white keys across the full range of the keyboard. By standardizing the key relationships, the whole tone fixed-width layout makes playing intervals and chords consistent, no matter what key you play in.

“Many musicians don’t realize that the standard musical keyboard was originally designed to slow down players,” notes designer Ellen Qwerty. “Early organs and harpsichords had mechanical limitations not found in modern electronic instruments. If you played notes on two adjacent keys in short succession, the mechanisms would become entangled.”

“The whole tone fixed-width design is derived from the Dvorák Standardized Keyboard, created by composer Antonín Dvorák in the late 19th century,” explains Qwerty. “While this keyboard was impractical in Dvorák’s day, today’s technology makes it not only possible, but desirable.”

Practicing Scales Now ‘A Thing Of The Past’

The new keyboard simplifies learning to play by eliminating the need to learn fingerings and practice scales, according to the designer.

Continue reading

WTF Is This Thing And Why Is It So Awesome? (The Crystal Method DJ Keytar?!)

The Crystal Method Keytar

Looks like Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland of The Crystal Method have some new gear!

Part bass, part dj controller, part keyboard – and all WTF!

What is this thing and why is it so awesome?

Steinberg Stops Activation Code Stop & Restarts Activation, Explodes Our Brains

wtf logoSteinberg has announced that it has resolved an issue with Nuendo 5.5 activiation codes, and that it is stopping the activation code stop and restarting activations with new codes.

Clear as mud?

You’d better read it in their words, then:

Dear Nuendo 5 customer,

Thank you very much for your patience regarding the stop of the activation code distribution for Nuendo 5.5, which we announced a few days ago.

We would like to inform you that, as of now, the stop of the activation code distribution has been cancelled and that we shall re-start disseminating new activation codes for Nuendo 5.5 to those who register Nuendo starting from today.

Please note the following:

Although the distribution stop has been revoked, the activation codes for Nuendo 5.5 / NEK 5.5 are distributed to the MySteinberg accounts with a delay of 2 working days. This means that the next distribution wave of activation codes will take place on Monday, August 8 in the morning hours.
From mid of next week, we will be able to reduce the delay to a couple of hours.
Activation codes will solely be displayed in your MySteinberg account. Please copy the activation code(s) for the Nuendo 5.5 / NEK 5.5 update (if applicable) and enter them, as usual, in the eLicenser Control Center in order to receive the Nuendo 5.5 / NEK 5.5 (if applicable) license.
Thank you for your understanding and we apologize again for any inconvenience this may have caused.

We hope you enjoy the new features of Nuendo 5.5!

This announcement exploded our brains a bit, but should be good news for Nuendo users stopped by the activation code distribution stop.

The Bizarre Electro-Mechanical Exertion Instruments Of Noah Vawter

YouTube Preview Image

IevansPolkka is a demo of some of the bizarre electro-mechanical “exertion instruments” of Noah Vawter.

Noah Vawter created these instruments as part of his work at the Computing Culture Group at MIT Media Lab.

Vawter’s instruments are designed to combine some of the immediacy, portability and quirkiness of traditional instruments with the flexible timbres of electronic ones.

You can find out more about Vawter’s Physically Engaged or Electronic Exertion Instruments at his MIT page.

While these instruments are bizarre – they look like they’d be a lot of fun to play!

Leave a comment with your thoughts!

via AndyCavatorta, hackaday