Arturia Updates Oberheim SEM V & Wurlitzer-V Analog Classics


Arturia has released Oberheim SEM V 1.1.6 and Wurlitzer-V 1.0.5, the latest updates to its software recreations of the classic Oberheim Synthesizer Expander Module and Wurlitzer EP 200A electric piano.

These free updates bring performance, stability, and MIDI improvements to Oberheim SEM V and Wurlitzer-V.

Oberheim SEM V and Wurlitzer-V can each be bought from the Arturia online store for 99 EUR/$99 or boxed for 119 EUR/$129. Existing Oberheim SEM V and Wurlitzer-V users can download the latest updates for free.

iK Multimedia Debuts iLectric Piano App For iPad

iKMultimedia_iLectriciK Multimedia has released iLectric Piano, an electric piano app for the Apple iPad.

iLectric Piano offers over 40 “classic” electric pianos, electric grands and clavinets, all sampled from the original instruments.

Key features:

  • 19 multisampled electric piano and electronic keyboard instruments
  • Expandable library of 22 more instruments with the Electric Piano Expansion Pack, available via in-app purchase
  • Effects section allows 4 simultaneous effects: 3-band EQ, Reverb, Overdrive and one of 5 modulation effects: Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Tremolo and AutoPan
  • Recorder section with overdub and quantize
  • Audio/Visual metronome with tap tempo
  • Export recordings as WAV or m4a audio files via File Sharing, email, or Copy
  • Virtual MIDI and MIDI Program Change support
  • Low-latency for real-time playing
  • Designed in concert with iRig KEYS portable MIDI keyboard and iRig MIDI interface

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Arturia Wurlitzer V Piano Review

YouTube Preview Image

Arturia recently introduced Wurlitzer V, described as ‘a high end software recreation of the classic Wurlitzer 200A electric piano.’

Wurlitzer V’s physical modeling engine reproduces the acoustic properties of reeds, key action and amplification, in order to deliver realism, while offering maximum flexibility on sound.

Russ Hughes of Pro Tools Expert takes a look at Arturia Wurlitzer V in this video review. He calls Wurlitzer V “an excellent emulation” of the original Wurlitzer 200A.

Arturia Wurlitzer V is available now for Mac OS X & Windows.


  • Box: USD 129.00 / EURO 119.00
  • Download: USD 99.00 / EURO 99.00

If you’ve used Arturia Wurlitzer V, let us know what you think of it!

Arturia Intros Wurlitzer V Electronic Piano Virtual Instrument

Arturia Wurlitzer

Arturia has not been resting, lately, with recent introductions including the MiniBrute and the Oberheim SEM V virtual instrument.

Now they’ve introduced Wurlitzer V, described as ‘a high end software recreation of the classic Wurlitzer 200A electric piano.’

Unlike sample libraries, Wurlitzer V’s physical modeling engine reproduces the very acoustic properties of reeds, key action and amplification, delivering realism while offering maximum flexibility on sound. The Wurlitzer V goes further by giving you 70’s style stompboxes and tube amps.

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New Wurlitzer Piano Virtual Instrument, Wurlie

Acoustic Samples has introduced Wurlie, a new virtual instrument, based on the Wurlitzer 206A piano.

Here’s what they have to say about Wurlie:

Wurlie is a 64 keys Wurlitzer 206A piano, and as the Wurlitzer company named it, a “Student Electronic Piano”, and it has a build in amp and cabinet.

The 206A is a student model, and is very similar to a 200A except for its beige color and build in amp/speaker (it also did not come with a tremolo).  We recorded it both from the direct output using a state of the art DI (Universal Audio Solo 610) and also using a pair of microphones right above the keys next to where the head of a player would be.

We also included our common features like the multiple releases and also included our sympathetic resonance system (both pedal up and down).

You also have access to various commonly used effects and a full control over the midi parameters to make it fit to your keyboards response.

Here’s a preview of Wurlie in action:

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Hollow Sun Intros Tubelitzer Electric Piano Library For Kontakt

Hollow Sun has introduced Tubelitzer, a new Native Instruments Kontakt virtual instrument based on the valve/tube-based Wurlitzer 120 electric piano.

Here’s what they have to say about Tubelitzer:

The mechanical principles with Wurlitzer electric pianos are pretty much the same between models (and very similar to Rhodes pianos – a hammer striking a tuned ‘tine’ … and it is said that Harold Rhodes actually advised Wurlitzer’s deisgner/engineer, Ben Meissner, how to achieve stability with the tines) but the difference between the early models and the EP200A we are more familiar with is that up until the early 60s, the internal circuitry was tube/valve-based giving a mellower, warmer sound and doesn’t ‘bark’ as aggressively as the later models.

The 120 we have here is such a model. Each note has been painstakingly sampled chromatically by Hollow Sun friend, Christohopher Reis, who owns the orginal 120, with up to 27 velocity layers per note and release samples. A mammoth task on which Christopher has acquitted himself more than admirably. All samples are full length with no loops so you hear the actual sound of the original instrument ‘breathing’, warts, blemishes, grunts and all!

You can get details and an audio demo of Tubelitzer at the Hollow Sun site.

DM1 iPad Drum Machine Gets Major Update (Sneak Preview)

YouTube Preview Image

Fingerlab has announced a major update to its DM1 iPad drum machine:

DM1 now comes with 2 new super cool tools “The Randomizer” and “The Automation” for instant and fun beat making. Patterns are now also expandable to 32 Steps for extra creativity. We have added 24 new drum kits. As well as AudioCopy, WIST synchronisation between two iPads, MIDI In and more cool features. Yes, it is a big update!

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