UVI Electric Piano For The Mac

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UVI Electric Piano is a new virtual Fender Rhodes for the Mac, available via the Mac App Store.


  • Featuring a classic Rhodes manufactured in 1979.
  • Recorded in a world class studio with the best gear.
  • Deeply multi-sampled (sustain, release, pedal noise…)
  • Scripted using the latest UVI Engine.
  • Low Memory usage thanks to lossless realtime decoding.
  • Custom velocity curves to fit your playing style.
  • Onboard FX: Speaker Cabinet, Drive, Tremolo, Autopan, Chorus & Flanger.
  • Integrated old school “Spring” reverb.
  • Easy to record in Garage Band, Logic and others audio software.
  • CPU efficient.
  • Ultra low latency.
  • Compatible with built-in or third party sound cards.
  • Compatible with all USB/MIDI keyboards and controllers.

Note that UVI Electric Piano is designed to run standalone, not run as a VSTi/AU.

Electric Piano is available now for $29.99.

This Is What The Clavia Nord Electro 2 Sounds Like When You’re Wasted

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This video demonstrates what a Clavia Nord Electro 2 sounds like when you’re wasted.

via realsakul:

Well, it’s late, I’m wasted!

Nevertheless: Here are some sounds of the Nord Electro 2!!!

Good night!(actually it’s funny, that it’s daylight, wenn you guys over sea read this here, while it’s the middle of the night here in Germany ^^ )

Torley Gets His Bow Chicka Wow On With Elektrik Piano

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Synthtopia regular Torley has been really busy lately, exploring his massive array of software synths and sharing his thoughts on them in his YouTube videos.

Torley’s videos often baffle a few Synthtopia readers, because he doesn’t do formal reviews, but instead tends to open up his virtual instruments and see how the sounds inspire him. Go along for the ride, though, and you’ll find that he makes interesting ideomatic use of the instruments and their sounds.

In this case, he demonstrates not just the bow chicka wow power of Native Instruments’ Elektrik Piano, but also riffs on what Philip Glass might do on a Wurly.

Leon Berry’s Beast In The Basement

Leon Berry, popular Chicago organist, installed a Wurlitzer theatre organ in his basement in the 1950’s calling it the Beast in the Basement. The organ, complete with all the bells and whistles, was once used to accompany silent movies at the Lake Theater in Crystal Lake Illinois.

Anybody have their own electronic music Beast in the Basement?

1950’s Tube Drum Machine

The video demonstrates what a 1950’s vacuum tube drum machine sounds like.

The Wurlitzer SideMan was arguably the world’s first drum machine. (It depends on whether you count the Chamberlin Rhythmate, which was introduced some years earlier, but featured tape loops instead of electronically generated drum sounds.)

It still sounds pretty cool, don’t you think?

Syntheway ElectriKeys Offers Virtual Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Clavinet And CP70


Syntheway has introduced ElectriKeys, a virtual electric piano based on vintage Fender Rhodes MK1, Hohner Clavinet D6, Wurlitzer and Yamaha CP-70 e-pianos. It is available for Windows and Linux based VST/FST hosts – no Mac version is available.


  • Sound is generated via a hybrid method that combines synthesis and sampling techniques, to create the most realistic sounds of these vintage electric pianos.
  • EP Selector. One instrument offering the sound of four legendary e-pianos:
    • Fender Rhodes Electric Piano (Stage Piano Mark I)
    • Hohner Clavinet D6
    • Wurlitzer Electric Piano
    • Yamaha CP-70 Electric Grand Piano (Brilliance: Mellow, Normal and Bright)
  • Tremolo Section: Recreates the classic effect (which was called vibrato on the real Rhodes™ front panel). Contains a LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) with modulation depth, frequency and offset. The panning slider controls the output effect distribution between left and right speaker and to help create a broad spectrum of stereo tremolo effects.
  • 5-Band Parametric Equalizer: EQ composed of five parametric filters with Frequency, Bandwidth and Gain knobs. Equalization allows you to lower or raise the volume of specific frequency ranges for bass and treble manipulation. Also contains global gain wheel to adjust the overall volume (Turn the wheel to right to boost a band, or to left to decrease its level).
  • Decay & Release Time: Decay sets the note decay while the key is pressed. Release sets the release (fade out) time after the key is released, offering unique tone to each player.
  • 32 presets for Tremolo effects and Parametric EQ ready to play. Creating new sounds is as simple as combining these presets in different ways and tweaking any associated parameters from there as desired.
  • Signal’s Harmonic Spectrum (Freq. analyzer)
  • FULL MIDI Automation: Complete MIDI Continuous Controller. Every parameter can be controlled via MIDI or host automation.

Pricing and Availability:
$35 USD

Propellerhead Intros ElectroMechanical 2.0 ReFill

Electro Mechanical Refill 2Propellerhead Software has announced the availability of ElectroMechanical 2.0 ReFill, an expansion set of vintage keyboard instruments for exclusive use within Reason 3.0 Music Production Instrument software.

ElectroMechanical 2.0 ReFill is a full set of sound patches and files of vintage keyboard classics such as the Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer electric piano, Hammond organ and Hohner Clavinet & Pianet that plug into Reason 3.0. ElectroMechanical 2.0 makes heavy use of new Reason 3.0 features such as the Combinator and MClass Mastering effects-all adding up to an easier to use, more flexible and fantastic sounding array of instruments for the live keyboard player. Reason 3.0’s new Remote technology creates plug-and-play stage- friendly integration with hardware controllers. Continue reading