Free Live Racks From Livid Instruments


Livid Instruments, best known for their line of MIDI controllers, has released two free Racks for Ableton Live users.

The first Rack features the classic 8-bit sounds of the Commodore 64/Mode Machines SID:

Livid’s KC Harvey-Taylor sat down with one recently to break out some sounds for some drums and samplers that are perfect for retro-game effects or just punching through a mix with the characteristic edgy sounds of low-bit, lo-fi, old-school computers.

This free set of samples are conveniently wrapped up in an Ableton Live Pack and includes a 23-sound Drum Rack, a multi-sample Bass, a couple nice lead synths with effects, and some MIDI clips to get you started. If you don’t have live, you can just download the WAV files.

Here’s an audio preview: Continue reading

$79 TB-303 Analog Synth Voice Clone Board, x0x-heart


Open Music Labs has introduced x0x-heart – a new clone of the Roland TB-303 synthesizer voice.

Purists may argue that it’s a clone of the second cousin of a clone of the original TB-303, but $79 gets you a populated PCB + power supply. Buyers will need to add pots, controls & a case or panel.

x0x-heart is an SMT replica of the TB-303?s analog voice, complete with VCO, VCA, VCF, and envelope generators. It’s meant to be a base upon which you can build ‘a highly acidic synthesizer’.

Here’s a demo of the x0x-heart in action, sequenced by a 303: Continue reading

Mode Machines Releases Free Xoxbox Soft Synth For iPad

xoxbox-for-ipadMode Machines has released x0xb0x for iPad, a software synth that emulates its hardware clone of the Roland TB-303.

Mode Machines has not provided any specifications for the app, other than it requiring OS 6.1 or later. It’s a free app, though, so give it a try and let us know what you think of it!

Here’s a video demo: Continue reading