The Studio Electronics CODE Synthesizer, With CS80 Filter, Does A Mean ‘Blade Runner’ Brass Sound

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Vangelis’ Blade Runner brass sound – one of the iconic sounds of synthesis – is a challenge to get right.

This demo of the Studio Electronics CODE, with a Yamaha CS80 filter, nails it pretty closely though, don’t you think?

The Studio Electronics CODE is a unique semi-modular synth that allows you to choose from several filters, including the classic Roland TB-303, ARP 2600 and Yamaha CS-80. The Yamaha CS-80 is considered by many to be the greatest classic keyboard synthesizer of all time, and has been a big part of Vangelis’ sound for over thirty years.

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Yamaha CS-80 Synthesizer

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Saturday Synth Porn: If there’s a King or Queen of Synths – the Yamaha CS-80 would probably be it.

New York vintage synth specialists The Analog Lab had this monster synth beast in for repair and shot some video that highlights not only why the CS-80 is such a capable synth, but also why it’s a beast to move and maintain.

Want to know why they don’t make ’em like this anymore? One look inside will give you the answer:

The Yamaha CS-80

See The Analog Lab site for more shots of this monster.

Pete Townshend’s Synth Jam – Initial Machine Experiments

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Pete Townshend’s Initial Machine Experiments – a vintage synth jam from his 1983 album, Scoop.

Here’s what Townshend had to say about his Yamaha CS-80 improvisation:

This peace was played on my Yamaha CS80 synthesiser to test a TEAC half inch eight track machine. This is very much indicative of the kind meandering I get into when locked away with a synthesizer.

Someone once said that when you play around with a synthesizer you end up suffering from a disease called ‘synthesiseritis’.

I suffer happily.

While Townshend is best know for his guitar work, The Who discography has lots of examples of interesting synth work, too. See our post on Pete Townshend’s Synth Secrets for some video of him explaining how he created some classic sounds.

If Vangelis Played The “Looney Tunes” Theme, It Might Sound Like This. Or Maybe Not.

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If Vangelis played the Looney Tunes theme on one of his multiple rare, expensive, unobtainable Yamaha CS-80 synthesisers, it might sound something like this.

But probably not.

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Messing on my CS80 with the “Looney Tunes” theme – the ‘ribbon’ gave me the idea, as it sounds just like the infamous intro..!

Blade Runner Inspired Yamaha CS-80 Synth Romp

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This Blade Runner-inspired synth romp,┬áPalmer is in the system, features a heavy dose of Vangelis‘ favorite synth, the Yamaha CS-80.

It’s an interesting track – but the pairing with Blade Runner’s images recalls what an inspired collaboration Vangelis work with Ridley Scott was.

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Sell Your Soul, Featuring The King Of Synths, The Yamaha CS-80

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Sunday Synth Jam: Sell your Soul, via schokokontrol, is an “almost all-analogue recording” that features the King Of Synths, the Yamaha CS-80, along with a bunch of other choice vintage and modern analog synth gear.

It’s a great combination of massive synths sounds and interesting vocals.

You might have to sell your soul to be able to afford a collection of gear like this.

But, as the track demonstrates, at least it would sound awesome.

The Iconic Sounds Of Synthesis – Vangelis’ Blade Runner Brass Sound

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When it comes to iconic sounds of synthesis, few are as memorable as VangelisMain Titles for the classic science fiction film Blade Runner.

When Blade Runner was released, in 1982, many were confused by the movie’s narrative. Others were put off by the story’s dark tone, or by Harrison Ford’s deadpan voice-overs.

Few recognized the movie as a future classic.

The completeness of Ridley Scott’s fully realized, all-enveloping world, though, was immediately recognized. And even after more than 25 years, Scott’s visuals, combined with Vangelis’ stunning score, set the standard by which other science fiction films are measured.

Vangelis entire score to Blade Runner is a classic, but the “brass” theme from his Main Titles is iconic.

Embedded above, the opening scenes of Blade Runner, which kick in at about 2:30, immediately thrust you into a stunning futuristic world. The amazing visuals are accompanied by depth-shaking electronic drones and percussion, and a soaring Yamaha CS-80 lead that concisely sets the tone for the film.

While Vangelis used the rare CS-80 extensively throughout Blade Runner, synthesists have been using all sorts of synths to approximate the iconic sound of his Main Titles since.

Here’s a demonstration using the Yamaha CS-70, a younger sibling to the CS-80, to recreate the iconic sound:

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But do you have to have a rare vintage Yamaha synth to get that awesome sound?

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