Synth Jam In An Earthquake

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Sunday Synth Jam: Ever wonder what a synth jam in an earthquake would look like?

It might look something like this niced chilled synth jam, via zackdagoba, which features the Moog Modular, ARP 2500, Roland Juno 60 and Yamaha CS-80 of Benge Studios in action.

No vintage analog gear was harmed in the making of this synth jam!

The Yamaha CS80 Synthesizer’s Famous Presets

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This video, via BuggySawtooth, takes a look at the famous presets of the Yamaha CS-80, one of the most expressive synths ever created.

Those familiar with the work of Vangelis should recognize these sounds, which are all presets of the Yamaha CS80.

Do you think it’s time for Yamaha to revisit this synth classic?

Gert Emmens’ Metamorphosis A Treat For Vintage Synth Fans

Gert Emmens Metamorphosis

Gert Emmens’ Metamorphosis is a lush album of synth music, featuring a collection of longer melodic electronic tracks that should appeal to fans of classic synth bands and vintage synths alike.

In making Metamorphosis, Emmens used old analog instruments only, without MIDI. Only CV/GATE was used, on the sequences.

Emmens explains:

During the summer of 2009 I had the old ARP sequencer of Ruud Heij on loan. Working with this sequencer gave so much inspiration, that I decided to stick to the oldies only on an album.

Emmens features a wide variety of vintage synths on the album, including Arp Pro Soloist, Arp Sequencer, Elektor Formant, Elka Solist chromatic version, Farfisa Syntorchestra, Hammond Auto Vari 64, Hillwood Super Variation, Korg 700S Minikorg, Korg Lambda, Moog Minimoog, Moog Opus 3, Moog Taurus MK1, Moog The Source, Philips Philicorda GM 751, Roland RS202, Siel Orchestra 2, Solina String-Ensemble, Vermona ER9 and Yamaha CS80.

Fans of old synths may find themselves playing “guess the vintage synth” in some places. Throughout the album, though, Emmens displays a great ear for creating enveloping, full analog synth orchestrations.

The sound palette on Metamorphosis of the album recall classic 70’s synth music, including loads of phased synth string pads and sequenced baselines with tempo-synced delays. But, while the sounds are familiar, Emmens makes them sound fresh, with extended tracks that take you on a “synth voyage”.

Metamorphosis is a treat for vintage synth fans. Continue reading

Vangelis’ Approach

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Sunday Synth Jam: This improvisation, by Michael Daniels, is titled Vangelis’ Approach, inspired not just by Vangelis‘ sound, but also by his approach to recording:

“approach” referring to Vangelis method of recording/composing/performing. First section is based on the track “horizon” , the second section is my own little comp. inspired by the first part.

I read somewhere that Vangelis would improvise and record different pieces of music at nemo , then “stitch” them together in the recording process, knowing exactly what he wanted to achieve as the end result. He really is the master at it.

Here I played live as much as possible, then added some extra little phrases after on a multitrack. A much more enjoyable way of making music than fiddling with a computer:)

Remember Vangelis did not have midi when he recorded some of his most beautiful pieces of music. I hope this inspires anyone thinking of starting music production

via mik300z

New Sound Library For The Arturia CS80 V

Musicrow has introduced a new collection of sounds for the Arturia CS80 VCS Vibes:

CS Vibes is a collection of  200  impressive sounds for your Arturia CS V.

The CS Vibes soundset takes full advantage of the the Yamaha CS80’s classic qualities to deliver fresh and up-tp-date sounds. Rhythmic sequences, somber pads, unusual keyboard sounds, fat leads, thick basses, and a lot of unique arpeggiated sounds – this collection will bring new vibes to your CS80 synthesizer!

A demo bank with 20 free presets is available for instant download.

See the Musicrow site for details. Musicrow Website URL:

CS Vibes URL:

Yamaha CS80 Synth Porn

Logan Mannstrane’s CS80 Ambient Improvisation Video Montage is more synth porn than synth jam, but it is a gorgeous homage to the king of synths, the Yamaha CS80.

It also immediately brought to mind one of Vangelis’ least-loved recordings. Can you guess the album? Continue reading

The Best Vangelis Interview Ever?

A comment on our recent Yamaha CS-80 post reminded us of this 4 part interview, Vangelis, The Man And His Music, which is one of the best interviews and profiles of electronic music pioneer Vangelis that we’ve seen.

Especially after you get past the stock footage of people walking around London.

It offers insight to Vangelis’ music philosophy, his approach to composing and features lots of unreleased Vangelis rarities and improvisation.

The interview comes from 1984 and Vangelis’ Nemo years.

Yamaha CS80

Saturday Synth Porn: This video captures a performance on the Yamaha CS80, using patches flute/ brass 2. Continue reading