New FM Synthesizer For iPad, FM4, Recreates Classic Yamaha DX Sound


Primal Audio has announced FM4 – a new FM synthesizer for iPad, modeled on classic 1980s Yamaha DX series keyboards.

According to the developers, “Great care has been put into analyzing and replicating inherent sonic characteristics of the original hardware, such as internal quantization errors and digital-to-analogue conversion.” Continue reading

Dem Jamz 4: DX7 Disasters!

DX7 Disasters!, via elmosexwhistle, is the fourth installment in the DEM JAMZ series, which explores the possibilities of vintage synths:

This one focuses on the much maligned and misunderstood Yamaha DX7, a synth who’s complexity and abilities few ever managed to discover, most people instead relying on it’s preset cartridge sounds, including a little electric piano patch…

It also offers a rare glimpse of hardcore ‘jazz hands’….
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iK Multimedia Debuts iLectric Piano App For iPad

iKMultimedia_iLectriciK Multimedia has released iLectric Piano, an electric piano app for the Apple iPad.

iLectric Piano offers over 40 “classic” electric pianos, electric grands and clavinets, all sampled from the original instruments.

Key features:

  • 19 multisampled electric piano and electronic keyboard instruments
  • Expandable library of 22 more instruments with the Electric Piano Expansion Pack, available via in-app purchase
  • Effects section allows 4 simultaneous effects: 3-band EQ, Reverb, Overdrive and one of 5 modulation effects: Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Tremolo and AutoPan
  • Recorder section with overdub and quantize
  • Audio/Visual metronome with tap tempo
  • Export recordings as WAV or m4a audio files via File Sharing, email, or Copy
  • Virtual MIDI and MIDI Program Change support
  • Low-latency for real-time playing
  • Designed in concert with iRig KEYS portable MIDI keyboard and iRig MIDI interface

Here’s a demo of iLectric in action: Continue reading

Has The iPad Made Digital Synth Keyboards Obsolete?

Yamaha DX 7

Has the iPad made digital synths obsolete?

That’s the question raised by a recent MatrixSynth post:

All digital synths are software based. I’ve stopped lusting after them ever since I picked the first gen iPad and Sunrizer and compared it with my Roland JP-8000.

I picked up the JP-8000 new for about $1100 back when it came out. I picked up Sunrizer when it was called Horizon Synth for $4.99. $4.99 for a full blown VA and it sounds great.

You can’t replicate analog, so maybe we will see more of that. As for full blown digital, I can see each having it’s flagship synth for the pro musician on the road, a flagship controller for the iPad, and apps to go along with it.

I think there will always be an audience for each, but there is no denying the iPad has become the new breed of digital hardware synthesis.

This echoes predictions we made when the iPad was introduced:
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Inside Synthesis – Getting Started With FM Synthesis

YouTube Preview Image

This video, via insidesynthesis, presents a method of understanding FM synthesis.

The discussion is tailored for those who know subtractive synthesis.

A lot of people struggle with understanding FM synthesis. Much of this confusion may come from the poorly designed interfaces of most FM synths.

Check out the video and let us know if it helps you make sense of FM synthesis!

See, too, this set of videos that looks at some of the Secrets of FM Synthesis.

Italo-Disco Synth Jam, With Jupiter-8, OB-Xa, DX-7 and Drumulator

YouTube Preview Image

Sunday Synth Jam: This retrotastic synth jam celebrates the 80’s, with a little Italo-disco and three classic 80’s synths: the Roland Jupiter 8, Oberheim OB-Xz, Yamaha DX-7 & Drumulator.

via SynthManiaDotCom