Yamaha FM-X Synthesis: Way More Powerful Than A DX-7

Yamaha_Blake-AngelosOur coverage of the Yamaha Montage synthesizer introduction generated a lot of questions from readers about FM-X – the company’s ‘modern, pure Frequency Modulation synthesis’ engine.

So, we talked with Yamaha product specialist Blake Angelos, right, to find out more.

“Although it’s is based on the same type of synthesis as the DX-7,” said Angelos, “It is very different in terms of how it works, the flexibility of the FM-X engine and so on.”

Angelos shared details of the new FM-X synth engine with us. Here is an outline of the main differences between FM-X synthesis, as implemented on the Yamaha Montage keyboards, and the FM capabilities of a keyboard many readers will be familiar with, a Yamaha DX-7: Continue reading

Yamaha Soundmondo Sound Sharing Site Now Compatible With Android Devices

2016 NAMM Show: At the NAMM Show, Yamaha announced some updates to Soundmondo, its social media site for synth patch sharing.

Soundmondo lets you connect your synth to the Internet, via Web MIDI, for patch sharing and more.

Yamaha’s Nate Tschetter gave us an update on Soundmondo: Continue reading

Yamaha Intros Reface Keytar Adapter

reface-keytar - 1

At the 2016 NAMM Show, Yamaha introduced a keytar attachment for the company’s line of Reface mobile mini keyboards.

The combination of the keytar attachment and the Reface’s support for battery power means that users have the same freedom to move around as guitarist and bassists.

Yamaha’s Nate Tschetter gave us a quick overview of the new Reface Keytar Attachment, and was clearly having some fun with it: Continue reading

Yamaha Montage In-Depth Demo

At the 2016 NAMM Show, Yamaha introduced its new Montage synth keyboard line – a new flagship full-size synth line that features advanced versions of two of the company’s iconic synth lines – Motif and DX.

In this video, Yamaha’s Blake Angelos takes an in-depth look at the capabilities of the Montage line, demos a variety of sounds and also shows how you can morph between sounds in realtime.  Continue reading