ToneStack Amp Simulator & Effects Processor For iOS Now Available

tonestack-amp-simulator-ipadYonac Software, creators of Magellan synthesizer, has released ToneStack, a new amp simulator and effects processor for iOS.

ToneStack comes with 6 classic amps & cabs and 20 FX (with over 68 additional units available for in-app purchase). ToneStack lets you use up to 64 units simultaneously (device CPU limitations apply). With ToneStack’s ABY units, the signal can also be split anywhere in the chain.

It also supports MIDI control, Audiobus, Inter-App Audio and Audio Copy/Paste.

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Galileo Organ Adds Inter-App Audio & MIDI Support

galileo-organ-ipadYonac has released an update to Galileo Organ for iOS, adding support for Inter-App Audio & MIDI and more.

Here’s what’s new in Galileo Organ 1.1:

  • Inter-App Audio: use Galileo as an instrument plugin with Inter-App hosts (iOS 7)
  • Updated & tested for iOS 7
  • Inter-App Audio MIDI support
  • Dedicated drum & horn acceleration parameters for the rotary cabinet simulator
  • Selectable rotary drum operation mode (BOTH: drum rotor works in both Slow & Fast modes; FAST: drum rotor works in Fast mode only; OFF: drum rotor is always off)
  • Keyclick Tone parameter to adjust keyclick tonality (organ panel)

Galileo Organ is available in the App Store.

Galileo Organ For iPad Now Available

galileo-organ-ipadYonac Software has released Galileo, a tonewheel and transistor organ emulator for the iPad and iPad Mini.

Galileo offers eleven unique organ types,  three manuals, scanner vibrato/chorus emulation, percussion module, and settable organ parameters such as leakage, keyclick, attack & release, and more.

“We aimed to design a versatile, tweakable organ that can reproduce the sounds in Jazz, Rock, Gospel and Reggae classics, yet also allow a lot of room for customization and new sounds,” says Galileo engineer Jim Yonac. “We invested a lot of time into modeling the core components of the ‘Organ Sounds’, like in our new rotary cabinet simulator and our virtual-tube ‘Class A’ inspired preamp.”

Here’s a demo of Galileo in action: Continue reading

Magellan Jr Brings ‘Professional Analog Modeling Synth’ To iPhone, iPod Touch

magellan-jrYonac Software has released Magellan Jr – a ‘professional analog modeling synthesizer’ for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Magellan Jr offers full FX rack, three oscillators, dual filters, multiple unison stages, extensive modulation matrix, arpeggiator, and a polyphonic step-sequencer. Magellan Jr and Magellan are completely compatible: presets, sequences and sound recordings are easily interchangeable.

Details and demos below.

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Magellan for iPad – Virtual MIDI & MIDI Out

YouTube Preview Image

This video tutorial, via YonacSoftware, looks at the MIDI Out and virtual MIDI features of Magellan for iPad.

It covers how to use virtual MIDI with other virtual MIDI capable apps (here demo’d with GeoSynth). It also looks at how to control a hardware synth, in this case a Korg microKorg, with Magellan’s MIDI Out feature. You can use Magellan’s arpeggiators, ChordMakers, and sequencer with the MIDI Out.

Magellan is available now in the App Store for US $9.99.

Magellan for iPad – Working With Dual Synths

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s a quick intro to Yonac Software’s new software synth, Magellan for iPad.

The video explores one of the more unique features of Magellan – the twin independent polyphonic synth engines. It covers: loading presets, foregrounding a synth, adjusting parameters, synth coupling, and other advanced settings.

Magellan is available now in the App Store for $4.99.

If you’ve tried out Magellan – let us know what you think of it!

Yonac Intros Magellan – A ‘Professional Analog Modelling Synthesizer’ For iPad

Yonac Software has announced Magellan, described as a “professional analog modelling synthesizer’ for the iPad.


  • Two independent polyphonic synth engines, with a total of 6 configurable oscillators.
  • Polyphonic unison mode giving 24 simultaneous wave generators.
  • Two filter banks per synth engine, each bank with its dedicated envelope and 11 unique filter types to choose from.
  • FM synthesis module with blend and dedicated envelope.
  • Dual LFOs in each synth with 4 freely assignable destinations each.
  • Complete FX rack with modulation, time-delay, reverb and wave shaping effects.
  • Dual traditional keyboards, as well as dual touch pad performance interfaces with individual parametric control over each voice.
  • Built in arpeggiator for each synth engine, allowing you to run two different arps simultaneously, as well as a built in analog-inspired polyphonic step sequencer.

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