Zivix’ PUC Wirelessly Connects MIDI Instruments With iOS Devices

Zivix recently announced that last year’s IndieGogo project, the PUC wireless MIDI interface, has begun shipping.

The PUC is a wireless MIDI interface designed specifically for iOS devices. The PUC allows the user to wirelessly connect any MIDI device (keyboard, DJ controller, drum pad, floor pedal controllers, etc.) directly to the user’s iPad. PUC can also work with any platform that supports a MIDI connection over WiFi. Continue reading

New Zivix Jamstik Makes The MIDI Guitar Portable

Zivix has introduced a new portable MIDI guitar controller at this year’s CES convention, the Jamstik

Zivix calls the Jamstik “a real guitar and a mobile peripheral device that can see your fingers”, in real time. The Jamstik will work with mobile tablets, smartphones, and PC and Mac computers.  Continue reading