The Mune Digital Instrument Is Designed For Live Performance (Sneak Preview)


The Mune is a new MIDI controller, designed to be used as an expressive live performance instrument for electronic music.

Unlike many controllers, the Mune can be held by the performer to face the audience, allowing the audience to see what you are doing. And built-in wireless support lets you step away from your computer.

Here’s a video preview: Continue reading

HyperSynth Updates Xenophone With Duophonic Mode


HyperSynth has released a major OS update v2.0 for Xenophone. The update adds a new duophonic mode, along with other additions and bug fixes.

Xenophone is primarily a mono-synth with three oscillators. Now, with a software upgrade, it can be played like a 2-voice paraphonic synth. Oscillator 1 plays the first note and Oscillator 2 and 3 play the second note, while each each oscillator has a dedicated VCA and Amp envelope. Continue reading

Moog Brother From Another Mother Eurorack Module


At Moogfest 2016, Moog was displaying three new, unannounced Eurorack modules, as part of its Global Synthesizer installation, above.

According to our contact at Moog, two of the modules – the Geodesic Sampler and the Geospatial Reverb – are custom builds, specific to the Global Synthesizer.

The third module, the Brother From Another Mother, was designed as a project for ‘Engineer VIP’ attendees to build at the event: Continue reading