Will The New Roland Car Synth Be A Platform For Synthesists?


In August, Roland Corporation and electric car manufacturer GLM Co., Ltd. announced plans for a ‘car synth’ – described as a ‘neo-futuristic driving sound generation system’ for GLM’s electric cars.

Because electric cars are so quiet, manufacturers are adding electronically generated sound effects, for safety and aesthetic reasons. The driving sound system for GLM’s ZZ model, above, will be implemented using Roland’s SuperNATURAL synthesizer technology. The car’s synthesized sounds are modulated in real-time, based on driving situations like acceleration, deceleration, and motor load variances on sloping roads.

The promise of a Roland synthesizer engine being in automobiles – and the fact that the sound of electric cars doesn’t need to be tied to the sound of a physical engine – made us wonder if this could become a new platform for sound designers and synthesists. Continue reading

Soniccouture Intros Imogen Heap: Box Of Tricks

Soniccouture has introduced a new sound library for Kontakt, featuring the sounds of Imogen Heap, Box Of Tricks.

Box Of Tricks is a selection of virtual instruments, sampled in detail and with custom scripts, effects, and tools; all designed the way she wanted to use them. Soniccouture says that Box Of Tricks has already been beta-tested in Imogen’s live performances and studio projects: a process that helped generate ideas and refine the instruments.

Here’s an overview of the instruments in Box Of Tricks: Continue reading

Future Retro Teases FR-512 Touchplate Keyboard


Future Retro shared this sneak preview of a new touchplate keyboard that they are working on – the FR-512.

It’s a combination MIDI & CV controller, so it should be capable of controlling just about any synth.

Details on the FR-512 are still to be announced, but there’s a lot revealed in the image above.  Continue reading

Fugue Machine For iPad Like ‘Bach In A Box’


Alexandernaut, creator of Arpeggionome, has introduced a new iPad app, Fugue Machine that they describe as ‘Bach in a box’

Fugue Machine is a tool inspired by composition techniques used in classical music, from Baroque to Serialism and Minimalism.  The developer’s goal was to create a tool that lets you manipulate a melody’s speed, direction, and pitch, as well as play multiple variations of the melody simultaneously.

Fugue Machine implements this by reimagining one of the basic elements of music sequencers: the piano roll. Continue reading