Tongue Drum Video Demo

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Tongue Drum Video Demo

Postby Crypto Cipher » Thu Oct 25, 2012 12:11 pm

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General Info
Library : Tongue Drum and Bonus Fujara Textures.
Format : Kontakt 4.2.4 or Higher.
Note: Convolution Reverb Controls under Effects Page on front panel works once you load spam sample in the Insert Section of Kontakt. (Refer Video Tab for Explanation)
Tongue drum is an instrument which has been present in our ancient history. Its vast fan base has been present in almost the entire world from thousand and thousand of years. Infact it’s sometimes taken as that only verbal sound has been the only musical sounds before this instrument. It had its presence in Asia, Africa, and South America etc.
With more and more time passing by, this beautiful instrument kept going through new innovations, in present time this instrument is developed from propane cylinder. It has an echo chamber and it has many tongue cuts on its outer surface. This adds to its beauty as well. These tongues are used to produce sounds.
This instrument’s has a magical range of producing sounds from wild sounds till soothing sounds as well. This is very much used while producing meditation music.
Crypto Cipher has a special feeling for tongue drum, and Crypto Cipher just not recorded its sound only, but with its whole creativity provided a new dimension to this instrument as well with aid of technology.
Crypto Cipher has given a special combination of left and right hand playing script to this instrument, which makes it a child’s play to operate and produce super sounds, with one hand you can play rhythmic drones of your selected note articulation and with other hand you can play melodies. So here Crypto Cipher hopes to provide you with an altogether a different and unique experience while playing this instrument.
Library Covers
Master Tongue Drum Patch , Sound Design Instruments , Multis and Bonus Fujara Textures.
Best Wishes and Love

Crypto Cipher.
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