Hello, long post (I think?)

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Hello, long post (I think?)

Postby Mentac Lions » Wed Feb 06, 2013 6:11 pm


Hopefully this will be the start of a beautiful friendship...

OK, greeting over, I hate introductions, how do people speed date? Not really my question.... Stop.

The reason I am posting:

New comer to synth music and looking for some advice on where to start.

My budget is dictating that I cannot go past £550, even that is taking food from the table. With this price range the Roland Gaia is my limit really. I have been trolling the internet for going on half a year now and still can't decide what synth to settle on. The main contenders are as follows;

Roland SH-01 Gaia,
Novation Ultranova,
Arturia Minibrute,
Korg MS-20 mini (when released).

The reason I am considering these four is simple, I need to finance my first synth.

I have played bass/guitar for a number of years now. I still play guitar but I need something that will allow me to create the soundscapes I have in my head.

What I am looking for is a synth that will allow me to create sounds from the ground up, that is why the Korg MS-20 mini is on the list. Also I love analog, I blame the fall of civilization on the dawn of digital. Yes I am aware I live in a digital world and use many digital device, means to an end. I don't own a smartphone or tablet, someone found that peculiar and asked me what I do at the bus stop, "I wait for the bus"... oops, back to synths. Yes I know Gaia and Novation are not analog. The MS-20 mini seems to be a link in a chain and I'm not sure how much I could achieve with just the MS-20 mini on its own?

I really like the minibrute, thing is I don't want to make dance, trance, house, dub step, hip hop. Seems to me the primary use for this one. Some of the sounds it can produce are really interesting though.

I really like that hands on idea with both the minibrute and MS-20 mini.

The Gaia would be the top end of my price bracket but still seems to be offering something that tickles my hands on pickles. Heard some good sounds being produced from the Gaia and I do think it seems like quite a well rounded synth. But it seems to offer too much and doesn't grab me quite as much as say the minibrute.

Finally the Ultranova... From what I have heard it can make some incredible sounds. It can be used as a midi controller if I'm not mistaken. So if I do decide to move onto a software package it would be useful... I'm a bit concerned but the control methods using a laptop or the led display.

I suppose I should mention what I want a synth to do for me. I do not want to become famous or perform live. Those days are gone, ha ha. I just want to take my thoughts and put them out into the world for myself and maybe for my son, so he can know me better.

I wander and explore the world. My mind wanders all the time (not to say I'm not focused enough to learn a new skill), when it does wander and I am absent of thought I hear music in everything. Maybe I have worked in mental health too long!?!

So basically I want to make sound that reflects my journeys.

Added point synth music I like obviously JMJ, Vangelis erm... just soundtracks to life and other media.

Thank you for your time in reading,

peace and happy sailing...
Mentac Lions
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