[ZS063] Zero Show Examine Bday Episode

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[ZS063] Zero Show Examine Bday Episode

Postby BONDAGE » Tue Jan 15, 2013 3:40 pm

[ZS063] Zero Show Examine Bday Episode - January 2nd, 2013

Examine's birthday conveniently landed on the first episode of 2013, so we decided to have a live session and a little party on the radio.
Interview in the first half of the show, and Ratko's live performance showcasing his recent Examine/Disko Dabar work in the latter.
Heads up for the debut Disko Dabar live at Masters on the 2nd of February. Double D drops it like it's hot.

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*live performance recording is available separately in the "exclusive mix" section

01. Examine - Disko Dabar Edit 7 [ZS063 DEMO]
02. Examine - Disko Dabar Edit 5 [ZS063 DEMO]
03. Examine - Disko Dabar Edit 2 [ZS063 DEMO]
04. Examine - Disko Dabar Edit 6 [ZS063 DEMO]
05. Strange Fruit Project & Erykah Badu - On & On - Disko Dabar Remake [UNRELEASED]
06. Quantic Soul Orchestra - Pushing On - Disko Dabar Remake [UNRELEASED]
07. Numaads - Wanting - Disko Dabar Remake [UNRELEASED]
08. Vadim Griboedov - Amrita Dispenser (Examine Dub Retake)
09. Baud & Layer Hack - Le Poisson Lune - Examine Remix
10. Wunderblock - Act1 - Examine Remix
11. Falty DL - Brazil - Examine Remix
12. Examine - Untitled #14

Examine live:

still waiting for Examine to send me the tracklist

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