Midi to CV *HELP*

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Midi to CV *HELP*

Postby DivKid » Wed Feb 13, 2013 11:31 am


new to forum but have read through posts before that have helped, so thanks to everyone taking part.
I've recently added a Roland SH-09 to my set up and I need a midi - cv convertor to get it hooked up and in use.

At the moment reading forums has led to me to the Kenton Pro Solo mk2 which is working great for lots of people. But I can pick up a second hand Novation Bass Station Rack for £20/30 cheaper that has midi - cv and I've have the benefit of an added Bass Station too.

Also the minibrute does midi to cv which I'm consider as a purchase later down the line.

So ... do you think I should buy a dedicated midi - cv unit as chances are it'll be more use for other things in the future. Or will the midi to cv on a Bass Station or Minibrute (presuming I can wait that long to get one) be good enough for the SH-09.

I'll be extended the set up with more vintage gear as time goes on so after the flexible really.

thanks in advance! Ben.
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