using Synthtopia reviews on our site

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using Synthtopia reviews on our site

Postby jlewin » Sun Nov 04, 2012 9:52 am


Joe from Sound Sonic here. Quick question...
We're looking to add reviews to the products we sell on our site.

Could we use your reviews of any of the products we sell?
We'd of course credit you and link you at the bottom of the review.

How does that sound?

By: Joe

No contact info was provided - but any 'fair use' type quoting or excerpting of Synthtopia's content is fine.

This means using short quotes or excerpts of Synthtopia posts and providing links to the original article, using either the text 'Synthtopia' or the title of the original article as the link text, is welcome.

Other uses, particularly copying and pasting entire articles and embedding images from Synthtopia's web server in your posts, or using content without providing a reasonable credit for the source, is not fair use.
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