QuNexus looking really exciting

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QuNexus looking really exciting

Postby s.kalvini1 » Mon Nov 05, 2012 6:00 pm


I just saw this put up on Kickstarter recently. I'm really excited because I backed the QuNeo project Keith spam Instruments made earlier this year and got one. Let me first say, The QuNeo is amazing super functional and I love using it for production, djing, and playing out live. (also it is so portable how can you go wrong?) I had an Akai LPK25 and it definitely got the job done, but the QuNexus has keys that have tilt and velocity sensitivity, plus it work with Midi, CV, OSC, and USB, making it one of the most versatile keyboards that I have seen in a while (Get to use all my old Arps and such). Also another plus, the QuNexus looks really slick and lights up. KMI you've sold me again!
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