[experimental/electronic] New live tape by the One (family)

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[experimental/electronic] New live tape by the One (family)

Postby amokrecordings » Sun Feb 24, 2013 11:33 am

“Live @ SOMETHINGseries” is a lo-fi C38 and features live performances by the experimental husband/wife duo, “the One (family)”
See their website for info about the group:

Both recordings were captured at the group’s own “SOMETHINGseries” concert showcase. (Notably, Side B was captured while they opened for Constellation Records’ “Sandro Perri”). These recordings have a nice bootlegged feel and the tape format really compliments the lo-fi nature of the source material.

Amok Recordings is selling the tapes for $5 (with a free button replacing a J-Card) through Bandcamp.

Order a tape: http://amokrecordings.bandcamp.com/merch/amok054-the-one-family-live-somethingseries-cassette

Watch a video of "Side A" being performed live: http://spam.be/XCXvjjn50qE
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