NO MORE release video for 1981 classic Suicide Commando

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NO MORE release video for 1981 classic Suicide Commando

Postby Hund » Wed May 15, 2013 12:49 pm

German cult band NO MORE releases an official video of the original 1981 version of SUICIDE COMMANDO:

NO MORE became known through the genre-busting indie-classic "Suicide Commando", a title that since its appearance in 1981 has not only been included in numerous compilations but was also placed again and again in the limelight in remixes by DJ Hell, Vitalic and Echopark.
So the song remains to this day an essential part of many DJ sets, from Dark Wave to Electroclash, from EBM to Post Punk, from Electronica to Indierock.

"These guys are, quite literally, legends. Original contemporaries of Kraftwerk, they released their seminal single SUICIDE COMMANDO in 1981, the same year that Kraftwerk released their what is commonly regarded as their last great album "Computer World".
The big K's influence on NO MORE's dark brand of electronica is clear, but with "SUICIDE COMMANDO, NO MORE also managed to intelligently and subtly add punk to the mix. It's always impressive when a band go full circle and have the presence of mind to use the music of those they've influenced to re-invigorate their own sound."
The Playground Magazine (London/UK)

Official website:
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The band split in 1986 but after a long, long break at the end of 2008 NO MORE (condensed in the duo Tina Sanudakura and Andy Schwarz) got back on stage. They successfully played all over Europe.

With the album "MIDNIGHT PEOPLE & LO-LIFE STARS" the first "real" studio album since 1986 is released on the 12th of March 2010.
Whereas their Überhit SUICIDE COMMANDO was a monochrome plain that anybody in the song's over 30-year-long success story could fill with their own longings, NO MORE now in each song turn sharp spotlights onto the present as well as the past.

In 2012 NO MORE release the follow up album "SISYPHUS" where they return to the incantation, the mantra, the loop.
"SISYPHUS", clearly gloomier than the preceding albums, is best compared to NO MORE's 1982 cult album "A ROSE IS A ROSE"
Today NO MORE combine unusual electronic instruments, such as the theremin and "the green circle", with analogue sounds and create – musically and visually – an impressive Post-Punk-Kraut-Electronia combination.

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