Acclaimed And Innovative Artist AC Killer Continues Building

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Acclaimed And Innovative Artist AC Killer Continues Building

Postby jessetill » Tue Sep 02, 2014 1:55 pm

Breaking out of Southern California, buzz artist AC KILLER drops his next popular video for the track U FUCKED UP from this highly anticipated forthcoming release!

The video is live at

Multi-talented & seriously entrepreneurial artist/producer/label head AC KILLER describes the video:
"Deeply embedded into the human sub-conscious is a desire to self-depreciate. Regardless of the situation, sometimes the biggest psychological or physical wound we inflict is to ourselves. "

CNO head and recording artist AC Killer eloquently pays homage to human error in his latest offering, "You Fucked Up."

"You Fucked Up" features a hypnotic beat with a catchy chorus you can chant to: "You Fucked Up."

Come and take a trip into the mad mind of The AC Killer. This video has cameos from all walks of life including Bud The Bud Leaf, The Apocalyptic Preacher, a 90-year-old grandmother, a judge and, a sumo wrestler all driving home the message: "You Fucked Up."

Filmed primarily in Killer's-native Tarzana, California, AC aims to drive home a message that we can all relate to. It's a non-traditional Christian message explaining because we all "fucked up" we are all in need of God's forgiveness, washing away our sins compacted into a 4 minute, 32 second music video.

The "You Fucked Up" video includes famous cameos such as Tattoo Nightmare's Reese Hillburn from "Tattoo Nightmare Miami" on Spike TV at her Tarzana tattoo shop "SoCal Tattoos".

"You Fucked" up is a catchy, comedic look on mistakes of all magnitudes. AC's video will hypnotize you with his simple message showing that we all "fuck up". Mistake makers will immediately resonate after realizing the error of their ways: "You Fucked Up."

AC drives home a message in this entertaining video that embodies the LA-vibe: "to err is human." With marketing powerhouse INDIEPOWER involved in his campaign, AC & his movement is growing exponentially nationwide as well as worldwide.

AC Killer and all his videos and more can be found at CriminalNation.Org
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