Apple Introduces Jam Pack 4: Symphony Orchestra

Jam Pack 4 Symphony OrchestraApple has introduced Jam Pack 4: Symphony Orchestra. Symphony Orchestra provides you with more than 30 of the most important orchestral software instruments to play, including:


Symphony Orchestra includes first and second violins, violas, cellos, double basses and a concert harp, as well. Using GarageBand, you can control not only the dynamics and expression of each instrument but such articulations as staccato, tremolo and trills, as well.

Brass & Wind

The woodwind and brass sections include flutes, oboes, lovely French horns, trumpets, trombones and tubas, among others. Play any as solo instruments or, for a richer sound, as an entire section. You can even control the playing style of individual instruments.


Symphony Orchestra lets you play a wide selection of percussive elements: bass, snare and field drum; cymbals, gong and bells; the woodblock and still others. You can also try your hand at a full range of pitched percussion instruments, including timpani, celesta, xylophone, marimba and the glockenspiel.


Symphony Orchestra comes with new keyboard instruments, as well. They includes a Steinway grand piano, harpsichord and a church organ.

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