TerraTec Producer´s Komplexer, aka The Synthesizer of Emotions, Coming To Macs


We’re not sure we like TerraTec Producer‘s tagline for its Komplexer virtual synth – the “Synthesizer of Emotions”. But you have to like their latest news on the synth – it will be available for Apple Macintosh in April 2007.

Offering both virtual analog synthesis and wavetable synthesis, Komplexer, which was released for PC in September last year, runs on all new Intel Macs and all Power PCs (universal binary), and supports VST and AU.

Komplexer is a standalone product as well as a component of the larger AREA 61 package comprising a keyboard controller, software plug-in, DSP hardware, and an integrated high-speed USB 2.0 audio interface. Musicians get a top-drawer synthesizer with perfectly matched components, flawlessly integrated into a computer-based music studio – all from a sole source.

The Komplexer offers a huge library of sounds and is priced at 199.00 euros (MSRP). Komplexer for Mac will be available in April.

Key features & special attributes

  • Virtual analog software synthesizer
  • Wavetable synthesis
  • Imports Waldorf microQ sounds
  • Eight macro controllers
  • Up to 256 voices
  • Unrestricted access to the sound synthesis engine
  • Three oscillators featuring sync and ring modulation
  • Two multimode filters (8 types including comb filters)
  • Flexible modulation matrix
  • Four ADSDSR envelopes
  • Audio input with vocoder
  • Three LFOs (LFO3 with user waveform)
  • Arpeggiator
  • 16×16 modulation matrix
  • Five effect units offering delay, reverb, chorus, phaser, distortion
  • Fully automatable and controllable via MIDI controller
  • Standalone Mode for use without VST – Host
  • VST and AU

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