Musique Non Suck Offers Better Living Through Electronics

Musique Non Suck

DJ Jez sends word about an electronic music show he does for 216Productions with several other electronic music DJs.

Musique Non Suck : All Electronic Radio features a weekly DJ mix of electronic music. The DJ’s influences range from Jean-Michel Jarre to Eno to Soft Cell – so you won’t know what to expect until you give it a listen.
Here’s their description for what they do:

Every show is compiled by a different DJ, so there is a large variety of electronic music in every style imaginable played on Musique Non Suck. Each DJ has their own history in music in some form or another… The majority of us are artists ourselves which tends to aid in the knowledge of what has been, is, & will be in the electronic music scene… We cannot however, find or play it all… We are always excited to get tips from listeners, music or links to downloads from musicians/bands and any other feedback our listeners may have… You may contact us individually if an email address is offered by the DJ or contact can be made via the general address titled ‘contact’ to the left…

You can listen at the site – look for the “Play” button on the left-hand side.

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