5 thoughts on “Michael Iceberg on The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson

  1. Thank you for this great clip. You should have heard Michel’s creations live at Disney World – they were truly beautiful.

    1. Gentlemen & Ladies! I am very thankful that Michael is being appreciated for his outstanding efforts & work, here on this site! Having had the privilege of seeing him perform multiple times at the Tomorrowland Terrace (WDW) from 1977 forward, including his college tours & corporate events into the 1990's, it comforts me to know that his music and talent are still appreciated. Dennis, I hope that maybe I had the fortune of being there with you at the same time, at the "Old hamburger palace" next to Space Mountain, while we were both experiencing the greatness of Michael's keyboard ingenuity & perfection!! Thanks to Michael I got my first Oberheim, Prophet 5 & Moog keyboards! I only regret not getting the Sequential Circuits Prophet 10!!! Oh, will my life ever be complete?

      1. I too saw Michael many times at Tomorrowland Terrace, since my girlfriend worked at WDW (now my wife, after many years later). As an arrogant young keyboard player, I wasn’t too impressed at first, and gave him a bit of a hard time. But got to know him, and saw what he did up close, and it was pretty amazing. I ended up buying a couple of his keyboards from him as he upgraded (he had one of the prototopy Moog Polymoog polyphonic synthesizers, which I bought from him) the Machine.

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