Cwejman MMF-1 Does Chiptune

Big City Music demos the Cwejman MMF-1 multimode filter:

The Cwejman MMF-1 multimode filter is really a great sounding filter, both for filtering and oscillation! This is the MMF-1 self-oscillating. The first bit is the low pass mode being controlled by the Analogue Systems rs200. It is then ran through the quantizer module, the rs260, and then into the Cwejman cutoff frequency. The next bit you hear is the unique dual band pass mode of the MMF-1. By adjusting the “Spacing” knob, which controls the bandwidth, you can achieve some very cool sounds.

Note: Watch your speakers – the signal is hot and occasionally ear-piercing!

One thought on “Cwejman MMF-1 Does Chiptune

  1. Cwejman has a distinct “K” in the start, like in the classic move titel “The bridge over the river Kwai”. Excellent quality gear, I have four of them in my modular. Only modules that are covered on the back and fron by steel plates, and internal protection to avoid wrong polarity in power supply.

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