Strange And Beautiful Electronic Musical Instrument

Nice retro demo of Folktek’s beautiful touch-based synth interface, the Harmonic Field

The Harmonic Field is a collaborational work by Arius Blaze and Ben Houston. Aside from basic controls for pitch, volume and activation – it is all touch based. There are four panels of twelve points each that allow the user to play a full range of notes and alter those sounds with an entire amp section.

The amp section controls filtering, resonance, distortion, bass boosting, noise etc. – abundant variations depending on which points are being touched together and how hard or soft.

It comes down to massaging the boards and creating dronescapes. After one has a feel for the various points, the most subtle movement will effect the waves.

Waves can be made to be soft and lush harmonics or turned to disturbing waves – the sound can be melodic and beautiful or tense and uneasy.

“This is a play at your own risk instrument,” note the creators. “Though very subtle, the Harmonic Field provides a slight charge to the player…We’ve been playing it for weeks and have found it energizing.”

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