The Strangest Music Video Of 2008

I’ve been easy on Synthtopia readers lately, carefully avoiding posting videos that could scorch your eyeballs, give you nightmares and even warp your unborn progeny. 

This video, Thriller in the Nude, merits your attention, though, as it may be the strangest music video of 2008. 

It starts out fairly normal…..but then the ninjas and naked guys come in.

Give this a watch and let me know what you think. And then go disinfect your eyes.

via the warped minds at apc

2 thoughts on “The Strangest Music Video Of 2008

  1. I remember when the horse head dude (well, one of the Wotaken clan) was cooking wild mushrooms and dancing to Kefka music. This is just TOO funny!

    I like towards the end, when one of the fellas rolls out of the bathtub. Cracked me up SO much. Ahhh.

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