Tapestri Interactive iPhone Sampler

Tapestri version 1.0 is a sound sample-based synthesizer that uses the iPhone / iPod Touch touch screen interface to control the playback of recorded sample material.

With this tool, recorded sounds can be quickly transformed into rap or electronic beats, synthy “clouds” of sound textures, or syncopated, improvised drum beats.

Sounds are recorded by pushing the red record button to start and stop the recording process. When a sound is recorded, its waveform displays on the screen, and wherever you touch on the wave, the playback will rapidly jump to that location, allowing you to loop and cut up the sounds instantly.

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4 thoughts on “Tapestri Interactive iPhone Sampler

  1. If they add a function to upload wavs (a la Beatmaker’s BeatPack), rather than having to record with the mic, then I’ll be all over this. Actually, I wonder if SSH-ing into it could allow you to drop samples into the read directory for this app…

    I can’t find this in the App Store or Cydia – has it not been approved yet?

  2. The app is set to release on the App Store on 1/26. It’s approved and ready to go, so check it out!

    Uploading wav’s is definitely in the cards for future updates.

  3. Cool – in that case, consider me a paying customer. In fact, I’m downloading it as I type this. Can’t knock anything like this for only 59p!

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