Tag Team Synth Patching

Tag Team Patch 020709


I had a chance to meet some of the guys from Big City Music at the 2009 NAMM Show, and I’m starting to think that they may have the best job in the world.

This video captures them at work doing a bit of tag team modular synth patching:

Here we are with our friend Don just messing around. We’re using a Plan B Dual Timbral Gate (Sounds good!), Cwejman RES-4, Analogue Systems rs290 Delay/Sampler among other random modules. Don’s starting to get some great formant sounds out of the RES-4 and the rs-290 is being clocked with a trigger signal from our sequencer. Thanks Don!

via bigcitymusic

2 thoughts on “Tag Team Synth Patching

  1. big city music sold me an FR revolution that had some shady build quality or as damged in shipping and refused to return it 🙁 when i called back they said i was future retro’s problem and that was that. looks like it is a great job – they get to play all day on modulars and not tend to their customers!

    if you care about spending your hard-earned money on synthesizer gear and want it to get to your door in good condition … buy it from someone else. I certainly will.

    – unhappy customer

  2. Sorry about your Future Retro. These things happen with small manufacturers. It sounds like that would have been a warranty issue and in that case we would have told you to send it to Jered at Future Retro. The other possibility would’ve been that we’re not a Future Retro dealer. No one in the U.S. any more. It’s all direct sales. I’m sorry you had a bad experience but I do think we have great customer service.

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